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Piece Of Mind

Lisa wheels Dan through the halls of the ER, leaving him in the hall while she looks for a room to which to move him. In the hall, Dan is beset by a drunk loudly and boisterously singing "Auld Lang Syne." Random Nurse comes out to herd him away, and we hear the voice of Kerry "Crutch to Judgment" Weaver, braying at Randi to call "Blue Beacon" and tell them they "cannot deny authorization for a retinal artery occlusion." Dan apparently recognizes Weaver from when she was working on CuteDean earlier, because he urgently calls out, "Excuse me!" She doesn't hear him, though, because Peter "Temp Slave" Benton comes up behind her just then to ask about the surgical consult for which he was paged. Weaver matter-of-factly tells him that "a guy in Curtain Two has a beeper up his rectum." Hey, I think I know that guy! Just kidding. Well, I might. Weaver adds that the patient "has it on 'vibrate,'" and that she can't figure out how he got it in there. Well, I understand that Pam prevents things from sticking without adding fat.... Feebly, Dan calls to Weaver, "Ma'am? Ma'am!" as Benton deadpans, "Never underestimate the elasticity of the anal sphincter." Hey, I had Chinese food for lunch and that was the fortune in my cookie! Weaver finally notices Dan and crutches over; he asks how CuteDean is, and she tells him they've arranged to send him to the OR. Before Dan can find out exactly what for, Malik comes out into the hall to yell at Weaver that CuteDean's sats are dropping. They wheel his bed into the hall at toward a trauma room. Despite the fact that everything attached to CuteDean -- including a Tamagotchi, go figure -- is beeping anxiously and CuteDean is plainly unconscious, Dan starts yelling CuteDean's name, to no avail. He propels himself down the hall with one arm so that he can look into CuteDean's trauma room while they work on him. The doors swing open and closed. Hey! I can totally see up CuteDean's gown! Happy New Year! Dan continues yelling at CuteDean to be strong, hold on, Do the Dew, Slam Into a Slim Jim, and not to go back to Rockville and waste another year.

Dr. Dave returns to County and, without any apparent interest in the answer, asks Dan whether he's feeling better. As if surprised by both the question and the answer, Dan breathes, "No." Carter appears to tell Dr. Dave that the blood bank is low, and that Weaver wants everyone to donate before their shifts end. Dr. Dave says he always does. Carter says that's very generous of Dr. Dave, who admits, "That, and I get drunk for half as much when I'm down a pint." To Dan, he calls, "Take it easy," and books, because he really doesn't care whether Dan lives or dies. Carter, having taken a cursory glance at Dan's CT, says it looks normal. Dan replies that his chest tube is killing him. Lisa wanders over, and Carter tells her to give Dan some more morphine. He then tells Dan that they're going to admit him, monitor him for a day or two, and then remove the tube. Dan asks Lisa whether she "found out anything at all," and she diffidently says that "his" (presumably CuteDean's) oxygen level was "low for a while," and that they're not sure why. Carter asks whether they're talking about Dan's son, and Dan says they are -- a little impatient, it seems, that Carter doesn't remember. Carter asks Lisa what his sats are, and Lisa replies, "A hundred percent after intubation; GCS is ten." Carter makes a mild "yikes" face that Dan doesn't see, and books for the desk. Dan asks Lisa what that means, and Lisa explains haltingly, "It could be a bruise to the brain, but we won't know for sure until after the scan," which will take place "any minute now." She shoots Dan up with morphine as a cop approaches, introduces himself as Officer Darcy, and tells Dan he needs to write up the accident report. Dismayed, Dan says that he honestly doesn't remember what happened: "One minute, I'm driving in the car with my son, and then...the next minute the paramedics are just dragging me out. That guy just came out of nowhere." Officer Darcy says that Dan failed to stop at a red light. "I would never do that!" Dan says indignantly, raising his voice enough that Lisa glances up. He adds, "It wasn't my fault!" Officer Darcy sadly informs him, "Several witnesses say it was." Lisa watches watchfully. Dan takes in her judging face.

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