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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Mia: "We're having a disagreement, Houseguest. That okay with you?"

The guy, whose name is Remy but -- spoiler alert -- don't worry about it, finally leaves, and Mia immediately pulls out a bag of pills and acts real tough.

Joanna: "What's that pill you're eating?"
Mia: "My dead sister's Xanax, you got a problem? Because I'll just tell my mom I caught you stealing. That bitch is racist, she won't question me."
Joanna: "Oh my God."
Mia: "Why are you laughing?"
Joanna: "You are like, exactly the same as Vivian. Your 'sister.' She popped pills and was horrible also."
Mia: "Really, do you think so? Then I guess we can be friends."

This whole conversation Mia is making a ... concoction. I don't know, it's got milk and whipped cream and chocolate sauce in there, I don't know what else. It's like what a crazy toddler would eat on their first night in their own apartment. I guess there's cereal but we didn't see that part. And then she calls her concoction "dog food," so I dunno, maybe it's actual dog food. The script seems to think it makes more sense than it ended up making, is what I'm saying, but the takeaway is that Mia's idea of being an afterschool badass also involves making poor nutritional choices in front of company. "Take that, Food Pyramid!" Shoooooooshhhhh!

Joanna: "So who was that dude?"
Mia: "Study partner."
Joanna: "He was a full-grown bro."
Mia: "Yeah, he got held back. Ten years."
Joanna: "You must really miss your 'sister.'"
Mia: "You show a fair amount of psychological insight for an abuse victim. Here's something you might not know, she was going to meetings and getting better."
Joanna: "AA meetings?"
Mia: "No, meetings at the Pentagon. You fucking idiot. Of course AA meetings, she even took me to one. It was somewhat less anonymous that week, I suppose. But I believed her, and I believed in her."

Oh, you know what? Looking at the timeline, Mia would obviously be (raised as) Sofia's daughter. If she was born around Joanna and Vivian's senior year or so, the first Mrs. Bowers would have been long dead, so when Mia calls her "my mom" she's not just calling her that: There is no asterisk or scare quotes around it. So that's another dynamic I didn't even pick up on at first: Edward resents the Sea Hag stepmother, Julian's a total middle child who practically treats Mia like he's her actual parent, Vivian was the runaway, and Mia's the firstborn of the new family. Bowers 2.0.

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