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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

That actually makes a lot more shit make sense, because in one way it means she's the only person in this house who completely belongs there: Her life has always been her life, if you see what I mean. No stepmothers or dead moms clanging it all around at a young age. I sometimes wonder -- coming from an incredibly complicated, huge blended family full of divorcées and widowers and all kinds of stuff, dead moms, half-siblings, step-siblings -- how much of those dynamics even make sense to Muggles. I'll tell you that this show does at least get this part right: Everybody loves Mia, because she's the only one they are entirely allowed to love.

But given what we already know will soon be revealed, it's interesting in another way, because the boys are old enough to know about her true parentage, which means the whole family has been protecting Mia (and more importantly the world) from finding out who her birth mother was -- including her birth mother herself -- for her entire life.

Which is something I have less personal experience with -- but does happen, albeit with less frequency than it does on TV -- but I can tell you is that the unspoken weighs heavier on a kid than the things you know about for sure. Which is why it's always the teenage daughter that has this kind of problem in TV stories, because in real life that's who usually has to carry this kind of shit for everybody else.


Joanna: "Mia said Vivian was off drugs and going to meetings, trying to get it together. Why would she kill herself?"
Will: "Uh, she didn't. Even less relevant, why did you stop being friends?"
Joanna: "You know, just girl stuff. School stuff. Insurmountable class and race stuff."
Will: "You saidhate, you used the word hate."
Joanna: "I am about to have a flashback so fucking crucial I will have it twice."


Joanna followed Vivian out into the garage, where she was stumbly and barfy and smelled like booze. Vivian yelled -- presumably -- at Joanna to shut up, and then to distract her, started taunting her about Julian:

Vivian: "I know everyone thinks you're an angel, but I know about you and Julian. He doesn't care about you. He only bangs you when he's bored. And then he doesn't think about you again until the next time he's drunk and horny..."
Joanna: "Way harsh, Tai!"

Vivian booted and rallied, but before she could stop her Joanne ran off to get Robert Bowers. Just mentioning him scared more barf out of Vivian, but Joanna was so worried for her friend -- and ignorant of the actual situation, which again we already basically understand -- that she didn't listen. And I guess that was when they stopped being friends.

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