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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Remy: "Fine. Vivian called me a few weeks ago with something big. Bowers Pharmaceuticals has this new cancer drug coming out, Lyritrol. They did human trials in Thailand and 27 people died and lots of people got sick including kids."
Joanna: "Setting aside for a moment the fact that bullshit, that's not how FDA trials work at all, why would they sell a drug that will make litigious people sick or die?"
Remy: "That'll take years, and in the meantime they'll make billions."

So I guess since we're not actually telling a story about how drugs and drug companies work -- even though drug companies are the fucking worst and there actually is a story there -- we'll just cross-apply general paranoia about big business or subprime loans or whatever. Fine, that works for me. Hell, this could actually be a true thing that happens, what do I know?

Joanna: "So that's why she was murdered?"
Remy: "Doy. She was this close to blowing the whistle on her father's company. And also, by the way, this drug was developed by Julian."
Joanna: "Not a dealbreaker. Go on."
Remy: "Well, I mean the whole family is nuts. Edward looks like he's got a hooker and a cage under his bed..."
Joanna: "Where's your proof? I mean, partly because how offensive, but also because it would help me solve this murder."

Remy: "Vivian was going to give me all her documents, but then died. I was at the house angling to get to her computer..."
Joanna: "So Mia was the one that called you, not the other way around. Fine. Are you going to blow my cover, Remy?"
Remy: "No, we should work together. You solve the case, I get a Pulitzer..."
Joanna: "That works for me."
Remy: "-- I scratch your balls, you scratch mine."
Joanna: "Oh, you're gonna be a handful. Gross. That's not the TV show I thought we were on. But I guess we have to work together. Don't immediately get murdered, okay?"
Remy: "I will do my best. I am pretty hot, but probably not hot enough to save me."


Will: "Why aren't you taking my calls at that little bistro?"
Joanna: "Forget that, why didn't you tell me Vivian was pregnant when she died?"
Will: "The FBI didn't feel like telling you that. How did you find out?"
Joanna: "I found this sex tape, it was this whole thing. But shut up, you sent me in to do a job. You have to tell me the major things and not be all FBI."

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