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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Will: "We'll see. Is the father on the tape?"
Joanna: "Yeah, I'm sure he'll turn up on the show soon, but get this. I feel like his references to a previous pregnancy might have an obvious connection to everything else that happened to me today..."
Will: "-- Whatever. Send me that sex tape and we'll find the guy."
Joanna: "Sweet. Oh, also? I got made."


Will: "So is the guy cool?"
Joanna: "Not at all, but I trust him for now. He's pretty hot for a hobo scum."
Will: "Based on that cancer drug stuff you told me while you were teleporting into the woods just now, it seems like Julian and Robert are both huge suspects."
Joanna: "No, because I like those ones. Let's focus on Edward."

Julian: "Hey, I was just also wandering around these woods. What's up? It's after midnight. Girls tend to get raped and strangled after midnight, you should come inside."
Joanna: "I got locked out of your mansion. My husband beats me, so."
Julian: "Let's drink some wine and reflect on our teenage sex life, out on the dock where you learned to smoke cigarettes."
Gabe in the Van: "Jesus, like this wasn't already post-racial Dawson's Creek enough."


Julian: "Did you know I developed a cutting-edge cancer drug?"
Joanna: "That was subtle. I will pretend to be impressed. Hey, what happened to your sister after I split town? It seems like she became a helicopter hot-mess."
Julian: "Dad sent her to a bootcamp for rich shitty kids, the Beacon Of Change."
Joanna: "And did she change?"
Julian: "Into even more of a mess, yes. But my biggest regret is not fucking you one last time."

She unplugs her wire at this point, just in case they do end up doing it, sending Gabe into shivers and worries about his technical prowess.

Joanna: "Are you putting the moves on me?"
Julian: "Am I being too subtle?"

They almost kiss. There is like a dulcimer or something happening.

Joanna: "Listen, what you did was kind of sexual harassment? Not that I'm complaining. But I am not the little girl whose v-card you coercively swiped."
Julian: "Really? Because that girl was great! She was just like family."

Joanna: "Let's go to sleep now before I do it with you. Today has been a motherfucker."

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