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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Mia: "Honey, you don't wanna know. I think my dad is a bad enough guy we shouldn't really even talk about it... Yep, definitely stoned. Later, Houseguest."

Somehow, there's a bit more affection in the word this time. Joanna feels it, too.


Robert: "Joanna, would you like some tea? And a job?"
Joanna: "What? I mean, yes. And what?"
Robert, verbatim: "Julian mentioned you're transitioning, and my assistant is being promoted... Obviously, you're qualified..."


Julian, bounding in: "Did she take the job?
Robert: "Oh, Julian. Yes, it was my son's idea. And you are doing it."
Joanna: "Hold on, I have to take a call from not the FBI or the paparazzi."


Remy: "I figured out who Vivian's contact was at Bowers! Come meet me at this one place, where I am peeing outdoors!"
Joanna: "Okay, I'll be right there. Don't get murdered in the next five minutes."

Cut to: Remy is dead. Run into some New York river somewhere by a smashing other car.

Joanna: "Mom, nobody took your shoes. That's your brain talking. Let me have the nurse. Renee, I know you don't like her to watch TV, but she is freaking out and she needs a little veg time. She's not exactly doing crossword puzzles if you know what I mean. Or just let her hide her own Easter Eggs..."
(Yeah, she totally said those last two things for real. If you've never dealt with this, probably you didn't find them funny, or notice them at all, but they are harsh -- and pretty funny, if you have gone through this.)

Cut to: Remy's dead body, causing Joanna to hang up on the dropped call and focus instead on screaming.


Will: "So that was fucked up, huh? And now it's raining..."
Joanna: "Yeah, this conspiracy is getting super conspiracy-ish."
Will: "Oh, you are done. Somebody knows you're a cop, and this got Remy killed."
Joanna: "I'm not sure about that, FBI handler man."
Will: "Just tell the Bowers you're spending the night with a friend in the city. And that you're going to have sex with him to a Santigold song."


They have sex to a Santigold song. Once again it is weird, this time because before they even have sex, she's sitting around the house in a shirt -- I think his shirt -- and no pants. So when they banter about steak and CostCo and whatever cleverness and cuteness, and then finally bone it's like, what did you do before the steak? What caused you to have no pants?

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