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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Because of Vivian's two brothers Julian is the one who didn't rape and murder a girl ten years ago, and because he's generally the more dependable one in other ways, Sofia calls him first. He is young and a rising star at the family company, but also he has problems because they all have problems. (You might know him from True Blood, where he played Jason's suicide-bombing Fellowship buddy, Luke, in Season Two.)

Julian: "What is it, you sea hag?"
Sofia: "Couple things. Your sister's dead -- not Mia, the shitty one -- and you need to get Edward down there to identify the body. Also, go get Mia from school. That's the last effin' thing I need right now is parenting a teenager. Especially with your dad shitting his pants about it at work like some kind of pansy."


Mia: "Let's all do drugs and act real tough!"
Goons: "I love how you have all this disposable income. Hey, is that your brother?"
Mia: "What."

Cut to: Vivian is emphatically dead, and Mia just fucking loses it.

Julian: "One thing you cannot do is go look at the body. Firstly because it has been beaten all to hell, and secondly because you are growing up too fast."


Finds a morgue attendant snapping pics of Vivian's dead boobies and maybe not-so-secretly wanting to touch them and have sex with her naked body, and hurls the young man aside with the brute strength of a criminal. Then he smashes the guy's camera phone, which comes fairly off well until Edward lets fly with some basic entitlement threats -- about how he dares the kid to sue him, Edward Bowers, of the Bowers family -- and dismisses everybody in the morgue with high-handed aplomb.

Left alone, Edward covers up her breasts and feels very sad about everything. It is touching, but also fairly mysterious because of the way he says it:

Edward, verbatim: "I'm sorry, honey. I tried."

Every Laura Palmer has somebody who knows just a little bit more about what was going down that drove her to being murdered, and I guess that's Edward. And while it makes him more sympathetic in this moment, I don't really need reasons to love Tate Donovan, so beyond that also there is this neat thing that the show is already doing, that the show is actually fairly consumed with doing, which is turning the rocks over of all the people as quickly as possible.

Tate is a possible rape-murderer, but also very sweet and possibly is the only person that knows what's going on. Sofia is a bitch who is awesome, but also not a bitch. Vivian was a whole litany of Bad Girl things, but also possibly none of those, as we'll see. Julian is a manwhore, but also sweet, but maybe a sociopath, but also caught up in Oedipal drama. Robert is a loving father but also a corrupt businessman, and so on. It's like aggressive how much the show wants you to understand this basic point, presumably so everything else will make sense down the line. But since I personally also really love these kinds of scenarios -- in which people are not so much gray as they are both black and white, simultaneously -- and the compassion this draws from the viewer, I cannot complain.

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