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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Joanna: "Okay, so I'm just homeless? Abused and homeless?"
Will: "Yeah, and then you will live with them and spy on them, and we will get them."

Seems the NYPD and FBI have been circling the Bowers for stock fraud for nine years, not to mention Edward's whole rape-and-murder deal fifteen years ago...

Joanna: "The Kimberly Yaeger case was fifteen years ago, and the charges were dropped."
Will: "Oh yeah? Well, somebody raped and strangled her and left her in a ditch. Maybe it wasn't Edward, who is creepy as shit and also admitted to fucking her earlier that night and who is a Bowers and therefore is constantly buying his way out of everything."
Joanna: "This shit is complicated, man. You don't know what you're asking. Also, if it was the family, which obviously it was, they're going to kill me the same way, and for the same reasons. Also, I have like a hundred problems right now in my real life, I don't need a second life with soap opera problems on top of it."

Will: "I thought you'd be reasonable about this, so I brought pictures of Vivian's beaten dead body to freak you out again."
Joanna: "I thought she OD'd, what's with the bruising?"
Will: "Nobody knows. And also the security cameras at that hotel broke the day before."
Joanna: "Okay, it's starting to look weird. I'd better hurl myself into unbelievable danger."
Will: "Cool, and I will help by talking to you on an earpiece, so I can be right there listening when those freaks murder you for betraying them."


Mia: "Anyway, it sucks that our sister is dead, but..."
Julian: "What? I couldn't hear you over my sudden boner. Joanna must have walked in."
Mia: "Who's Joanna? Dammit, everything happened before I did."

Joanna: "Sorry about Vivian. I have been flashbacking all the way down this hallway."
Julian: "Whatever. I'm just horny to see you!"
Joanna: "Me too! I just flashbacked how you were my first kiss. Anyway, I just flew across the country for this funeral, and also due to my many poor-people problems."
Julian: "That is super interesting, but let's stick in a pin in it so Dad can give his eulogy."

"I want to share something with you about my daughter Vivian. Until the age of eight, that sweet little girl never, ever, ever, ever, ever slept at all. I know you don't believe me, but I swear it's true. Now, I think it's because she didn't want to miss anything. She always wanted one more book, one more story..."

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