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"Where Are You Going? You Have No Pants!"

Robert: "No, you guys, I think we're doing this."
Edward: "There's paparazzi all around, we don't need a stranger in the... I mean, you're like family..."

Then this happens, and it's awesome:

Julian: "Hey Eddie? Next time you're lying awake wondering why no one likes you, flash back to this moment."
Edward: "I don't lie awake at night, because I don't do cocaine."
Sofia: "HA!"

Robert: "That settles it, you're always welcome here. Token objections have been raised and ignored."
Sofia: "...Yeah, sure. Why the fuck not."
Mia: "Okay this has been great and I'm glad we settled whatever is going on with this random chick, but can we possibly talk about my dead sister during this dinner? Because I have some things to share. Such as, TMZ says she was murdered."
Robert: "This is the worst thing that has ever happened to you, we get that. But don't add to it by listening to the press. Especially when it's about our family, or my corrupt corporation."
Sofia, chilled out: "Vivian died of a drug overdose. Those are the facts, bitch. Now if you want to talk about it, I'm prepared to act human for a minute..."
Mia, jetting: "No thank you! And can I be excused!?"

Julian: "I'll deal with her, like always. The rest of you guys, pull it together."
Everybody: "No deal! But we are going to sit here and stare the shit out of each other."


Why is the ex-wife still hanging around in the driveway? And why is Joanna lurking in a garage watching them fight? What happened between before and right now? Editing. Something about editing, I guess? The new status quo is that Edward and Samantha are yelling in the driveway, and Joanna is lurking in the garage listening to them. As luck would have it, they are fighting about some very relevant shit. This Joanna, she knows her business. "Maybe the ex-wife was just chilling near her car during this whole fight, and now he's going to teleport out there to yell at her about relevant stuff. I'd better also teleport, into a nearby potting shed, while everybody else is just staring and staring at each other."

Edward: "...Being emotional about it! You have to trust me..."
Samantha: "The police keep calling. And speaking of calling, how come Vivian kept calling me the night she died?"
Edward: "I don't know, because you are both nuts?"

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