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Victoria's self-centered theme speech turns into a focus on Emily's engagement to her son and how she approves of Emily. Nitpick: She says, "In a word: I approve." That's two words. The whole party is now watching Victoria and Emily closely but Victoria finishes her speech with a joke that allows her to lean into Emily and growl discretely without anyone noticing, "Where the hell is my son?"

On the beach, the half-naked couple just found out the answer to that question. The girl finds the gun in the sand and the guy inspects the body and realizes it's a dead body. The girl is Daniel's sister and she doesn't have to look at the body to know it's him. She runs back to the party, screaming for her mother with no regard for being in her underwear. Daniel's parents take off running to meet her as Emily and Nolan toss a guiltless glance at each other. Emily takes off running right behind the Graysons but stops dramatically just outside the party while other, less related partygoers actually go down to the beach to see the body. Victoria screams over her son as Emily watches with wide eyes, taking deep panicked breaths and at least feigning distress.

Dissolve into five months earlier. Emily is being shown a house in the Hamptons by a realtor. The house is on the market because the couple who owns it, the Davises, are having marital problems. (He cheated -- men!) Emily steps outside to look around in the back of the house, where there's the longest dock I've ever seen. She stops at a fence post with an etching and runs her hand across it. FLASHBACK: Emily is a little girl running up that insanely long dock. She's spending the summer at this house with her dad, who loves her so much he draws an infinity symbol multiplied by another infinity symbol in the pile of sand she's dumped on the deck. Emily's name is really Amanda. /FLASHBACK. For our purposes and to avoid confusion (or perhaps encourage confusion in a fun way), Emily is now Amanda. The realtor snaps Amanda out of her daydream. She looks on at the neighboring house, which the realtor points out is Grayson Manor. Amanda stares at it with a smile on her face and says she'll take the house.


Amanda is met at her new home by her friend Ashley, who will be the party planner for the engagement party five months from now. She has a bottle of champagne which serves as a segue since it's not for her pal's housewarming, but instead for Victoria Grayson -- or "Queen Victoria," as she's known in the Hamptons -- whose Memorial Day party Ashley will be planning. Amanda asks how much it costs to get on the guest list. Only $10,000 a ticket. Amanda flippantly says, "Count me in for one," like she's just asking her friend to pick her up a lottery ticket from the store. Ashley leaves and Amanda's face slowly dissolves into an ice-cold stare we'll all get very used to.

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