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Amanda walks out to the water of the beach behind her house and lets her feet get washed in the waves. She stares out at the ocean. FLASHBACK: She's little Amanda again, standing in the water with her dad, who teaches her that if she just stands still, each wave will feel warmer. /FLASHBACK. Lydia happens to come down to this part of the beach, too, and comments on Amanda's resistance to the water, which is ice-cold. Amanda: "Only at first. After a while, you can't feel anything." Lydia: "Sounds like my marriage." Gah. Lydia introduces herself as Amanda's landlord, and Amanda feigns astonishment at how quickly word spreads. Lydia: "Like lightning." Gah strikes twice! They make small talk about the memories Lydia has in that house and Amanda's hope of creating new ones. Lydia make a joke about the security deposit, matter-of-factly welcomes Amanda to the Hamptons and walks off. Amanda throws off her robe to reveal a black one-piece swimsuit and runs to the water.

Later, Amanda sits at home with her laptop, watching a news clip that explains Lydia testified against a man named David Clarke who was on trial for treason. She testified on behalf of Conrad Grayson who was David's boss and connected David to channeling funds to a terrorist group which downed a commercial airliner, killing 246 Americans. FLASHBACK: Little Amanda is home one night with her father -- David Clarke. They talk playfully about starfish and whatever when David gets a phone call from Victoria, who sounds distressed. He tells Amanda to go play while he takes that phone call just as the house is raided by the FBI and they take him into custody. One of the FBI agents picks up Amanda and carries her out of the house while she screams and her dad calls out for her. /FLASHBACK. An interview with Lydia is now playing on Amanda's laptop. "David Clarke had everyone fooled, including me. I'm just glad I can help put that monster away," Lydia says. Amanda clicks through a slideshow of spy images showing Lydia having an affair with Conrad. She smiles to herself.


We're out at the docks by some big yachts. Ashley is delegating and tying up loose ends of the planning for Victoria's Memorial Day auction. Her phone rings and it's Amanda to whom she immediately apologizes for standing her up since she's wrapped up with Queen Victoria's auction. Amanda is sitting alone in a hotel restaurant and coolly snaps a photo of Lydia Davis, who has just walked in, without even removing her phone from her ear. Seriously. Nobody is that cool. She doesn't even miss a beat in the conversation and offers to help Ashley out by picking up her dress for her. They hang up and Amanda studies the photo she snapped of Lydia as Conrad Grayson enters and heads in the same direction Lydia did. A waitress comes up to Amanda to ask if she needs more tea and Amanda's temporarily dumbfounded as she locks in on the waitress' nametag, which reads "Becky." She snaps back from her plotting, smiles and simply says, "Please."

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