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Grayson Manor. Charlotte is complaining to Victoria about how unrevealing her bathing suit is. "Compared to what my friends are wearing, it's practically a burka." Take that, Middle East. Victoria doesn't want Charlotte ending up like her friends who will probably show up on Page Six because they ended up at "one of Diddy's hot tub parties." First world problems. Charlotte starts ignoring her mother because she hears her brother's car. No sister gets anywhere near as excited as this girl gets when she sees her brother's home. She runs downstairs to greet Daniel followed less frantically by the woman who, you know, spawned him from her vagina. Charlotte gets her hug and is just as quickly off to the beach. Victoria and Daniel say their hellos and he asks, "Where's dad?" Victoria: "Golfing. Where else?" Daniel: "Yup. 'Where else?'"

Cut to Conrad Grayson popping out from under the sheets of a hotel bed on top of Lydia Davis. They're totally trysting. This is what a tryst looks like. Big smiles and passionate kisses. Conrad throws on a hotel robe and gets up to get some champagne when he suddenly clutches his chest in pain. He collapses into a chair and blurs as we sharpen focus on an empty bowl of food in the foreground.

We're at a seaside bar. Jack Porter is bartending and teaching little brother Declan how to charge credit cards as a group of high school girls come in and sit at a table. Dec happily volunteers to wait on them when a co-worker balks at the prospect. As he takes off to wait the table, a man in a suit comes into the bar, asking Jack for the owner. Jack's dad intercepts the man, who is from the bank it turns out, and takes him back to his office. Jack seems troubled by this. Meanwhile, Dec greets the girls and they immediately order alcohol. He dutifully asks to see ID and they offer some bullshit excuse about simply leaving their IDs at the beach and offer money instead. Dec declines the bribe, so the girl who's been doing all the talking pulls out her ace in the hole. She offers her phone number. Dec is all doofy smiles.

Conrad is carted out of the hotel on a stretcher and into an ambulance. Lydia is by his side and asking questions of the paramedics that seem more like she needs information to cover her tracks than they're out of concern for Conrad. Just then, Amanda runs up to Lydia and innocently asks if that's her husband and if she needs a ride to the hospital. Lydia doesn't know how to respond for a moment and just says she doesn't need a ride and runs off. Amanda stares into the back of the ambulance with the beginnings of a sideways smirk on her face.

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