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Amanda has left the Southfork Inn and is coming out of a dress boutique. She stops when she spots Jack playing fetch with his dog Sammy. FLASHBACK: Amanda meets Jack on the beach when she was a kid. They introduce themselves as they play fetch with Sammy, but back then Sammy was Amanda's puppy. /FLASHBACK. The dog naturally wanders over to Amanda out of recognition. She utters his name and he jumps up on her, but she hides her emotion of being reunited with her puppy when Jack tries to call his dog off of her. They both crouch down over Sammy. For a brief moment, Amanda's face goes blank when she gets a good look at Jack's adult face for the first time, but he doesn't notice because he's preoccupied with the mess Sammy's caused. Jack offers up a nearby dry cleaners that will give Amanda a discount if she just mentions him and offers to put Amanda on his tavern's official comp list if she'll just give her name, but Amanda's emotions start to catch up with her and she awkwardly bails in response to Jack's complete good guy package. Jack stares at her as she gets in her car and a look of, "Where have I seen that face before?" slowly washes over his face.

Victoria runs into an emergency room, looking for Conrad. It turns out Conrad had a severe case of angina and is fine, but the doctor happens to mention to Victoria that Conrad should stay away from the food at the Southfork Inn. "Thanks, Dr. Dick," cheaters everywhere (including Conrad) say. Victoria is taken aback by the fact her husband was at a hotel when he had said he was going to be golfing. She spots the robe from the hotel and grabs Conrad's head. "Don't do it again," she drills into his face. Conrad's eyes go wide and Queen Victoria just walks away.


Amanda shows up at the Memorial Day auction, which is being held on a yacht, wearing an immaculate white dress slung over one shoulder. She's immediately met by Ashley who takes her on a tour and offers up tidbits of gossip about the most prominent guests. Amanda spots Daniel and expresses admiration. Ashley gives her the quick 411. Apparently, Daniel was responsible for a drunk driving accident that either killed or badly harmed the girl he was with at the time, and his parents paid off everyone so he wouldn't end up in jail. Next, they spot Nolan who is snapping photos. Ashley explains he's a tech geek entrepreneur with more money than everyone else at the party combined. In slow motion, Amanda walks by the doorway of the room where Victoria and Conrad and schmoozing. Victoria and Amanda lock eyes briefly. Amanda all but instructs Ashley to introduce them.

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