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Back on the yacht, Queen Victoria's giving a speech. Again, she starts off with talking about her party's theme, which is: "a fresh start for all of us." She wastes no time naming the winner of her art auction because she has made the executive decision of naming Lydia as the winner so she can publicly shame her. Instead of the Manet everyone was expecting to be awarded to the winner, Victoria announces Lydia will be taking home the Van Gogh -- the painting Lydia gifted to Victoria. Queen Victoria whispers to security guards standing behind her to have Lydia escorted off the boat. She then continues her announcement by saying Lydia's house is now up for sale and she will be leaving the Hamptons. Lydia is so devastated she stands up to leave, but Victoria calls out to her to say she hopes the painting will remind her, wherever she goes, of the friendship they shared. Nolan films Lydia's ungraceful exit at the hands of security on his Flip camcorder and Amanda watches with a blank look on her face the joy Queen Victoria derives from it. FLASHBACK: The night of the FBI raid on Amanda's house again. The FBI agent carries Amanda out the front door of the house right in front of Victoria and Conrad Grayson. Why would they even be there? /FLASHBACK. Daniel snaps Amanda out of her flashback to hand her the drink it took him forever to get and to say, "She's really something -- my mother." Amanda agrees and they toast to Daniel's "To chance meetings" and Amanda's "To an unforgettable summer." They clink glasses.


The party has died down. Daniel and Amanda sit at a table alone. He tells bad jokes; she drinks. Typical first encounter/date. Amanda teases that she's just tipsy enough to find the last joke funny and Daniel admits he hasn't been drinking because he used to drink "epically." Daniel: "I gotta admit, it's nice meeting someone who didn't know the old me." Amanda: "Yeah, I know the feeling." Victoria and Conrad walk up on the beginnings of this romance to tell Daniel they're leaving. Victoria is cordial to Amanda and sternly lets Daniel know she expects him home shortly. The Graysons leave, and Amanda parts ways with Daniel.

Back at Grayson Manor, Queen Victoria is fuming through the house and up the stairs with Conrad following, saying Victoria shouldn't have been so cruel to Lydia and trying to explain himself. Victoria isn't hearing it because out of all the women he could've had he chose her closest friend. They close themselves in a bed room, and for no other reason than to give us some backstory it seems, turn the fight into an argument about who was more responsible for the destruction of David Clarke. Conrad seems to win that argument with the final word that Victoria gained the most from it.

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