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Brad, whose feelings about all this ganging up on people seem to be decidedly mixed, interviews that he's heard Adam "snap at" Cristina and call her "annoying," and that he thinks it's kind of low and tacky. Brad thinks the issue is just that Cristina is used to being in charge and not used to people telling her what to do. Back at the fire, Cristina says that she wishes they'd just said something to her about the things that were bothering them, but Adam insists that it's just "her personality" -- in other words, he claims didn't tell her until it was time to ambush her at tribal council, because there's nothing she can do about it. In a comment I like even less than this crap from Adam, Jenny jumps in and says, "We accept you for who you are! You can't change it, Cristina." That is...just a horrible thing to do to someone. "I've known you for all of a week, I don't like you, and the things I don't like about you are so fundamental to your being that it's not worth even telling you what they are, so I'm barely going to bother." And then to top it off by claiming the high ground by saying "we accept you for who you are"? That's not accepting people for who they are. That's the opposite of accepting people for who they are. "I know you're bossy, but I can deal with that and still enjoy the good things about you" is accepting people for what they are. "Your flaws are many, and I accept them as permanent" is quite different. As to this whole thing, I mean...whatever, I get that Cristina is "bossy," and I doubt I'd want to hang out with her, but for fuck's sake, you might as well agree to spend a day or two pointing out to her when she's being bossy. It's an act of fairness, being willing to engage people once you've ripped them a new asshole.

"It's just the way it is," Adam tells Cristina about his dislike of her, because he doesn't really have a very good reason other than "you're old and not cute," and he doesn't really want to talk about that fact too much. Even in night vision, you can see that Cristina is crying. In an interview, she sniffles that she really didn't have any idea that they all felt that way, but she says that she's just going to keep her head up and go on. She winds up relating this all back to being shot, which is sort of nutsy, but I do feel bad for her. I'm sure she's irritating and bossy, but they're being the worst kind of low-class social tyrants about it. It seems like Adam and Jenny are really dominating the tribe socially, and they're both just pains in the ass I hope will go home very soon.

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