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Dos Boots

Credits. Adam even looks smug in still pictures.

Clouds speed-float over the red sky. The sun comes up, and it is Day 15 at Aitu. Ozzy is spear fishing from the boat as Jonathan sits in it to collect the fish. Ozzy offers us a little speech about his fishing prowess, which isn't particularly noteworthy except that it involves his references to his "special holes." You should keep that to yourself, Ozzy. He assures us that, with the help of his special holes, he can easily bring in ten fish in an hour. If I had a nickel for every guy I've heard that from. Okay, not really. In an interview, Jonathan gives Ozzy full credit, not only for being great with the fish, but for being able to hold his breath for an insanely long time. Jonathan allows that they need Ozzy's strength on a group level, but he also says that Ozzy is an individual threat in a big way. Basically, Jonathan is trying to keep Ozzy as long as possible and still get rid of him before the merge, which is just about how I'd handle him. Get as many fish as you can, stock up on protein, and then? Boot!

We watch Yul and JessiFlicka go together to collect some treemail. It contains a mast of sorts. "This head-to-head match/ needs a well-balanced team/ To win your first feast/ you'll kick and you'll scream." Wow, four lines. And only two of them, in retrospect, kind of have nothing to do with the challenge. For obvious reasons, everyone is happy to hear that they could win a feast, not that this group has particularly been starving in the usual fashion. I've never seen so much seafood dropping down various gullets in my life. Because there's no mention of immunity, JessiFlicka is the first to point out that Aitu apparently doesn't have to bring the immunity idol. OR DO THEY? See, it turns out that Cao Boi has this...thing, kind of, about bringing the immunity idol everywhere. He likes to have it with him. He thinks it's special. He uses the word "holy." Dude. It's not holy. It was made by the prop department. When they're not doing that, they make rocks out of Styrofoam. I mean...come on. I'm as crazy about sacred objects as the next person, but we're into worshipping-plastic-Jesus territory. Jonathan tells Cao Boi that he doesn't love this idea of bringing the idol along, and that he thinks they should talk about it as a group, rather than having Cao Boi haughtily shove it down everyone's throats, which is what he's trying to do. That's kind of my problem with it -- that Cao Boi is appointing himself Chief Spirituality Officer, and...I mean, it's not like there aren't other religions that think the creation of false idols is kind of bad. I don't think that's Jonathan's issue, but it's not like the uniformly "spiritual" response here is to drag that thing all over the place and revere it. Jonathan also says that he thinks it's rude to bring the immunity idol to a reward challenge, because it comes off like bad sportsmanship, like they're rubbing it in by bringing it when it's not relevant.

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