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Despite the fact that Jonathan is really quite reasonable about this and just seems to think everyone should give an opinion, Cao Boi gets all, "Oh, have it your way." You know, he may be annoying, self-important, and weird, but at least he's passive-aggressive. In an interview, Jonathan says that Cao Boi is "rubbing some people the wrong way." LIKE ME. He adds, "He does have to get talked out of a tree once in a while." Hee. That, I believe, and while all the trees so far have been figurative, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them turned out not to be one of these days. In quite a measured interview, Yul basically says that Cao Boi has been through lots of things and knows lots of things, but is "very hard-headed." He adds, "He's just an unpredictable guy." Yul talks about people like he's writing performance reviews. Like the boss whose employee comes to work with a puppy and a beach ball, and in the review, the boss writes, "He has a lot of energy." That boss? I think Yul could be that boss.

Challenge area. Basically, there are two sets of three poles set in sand. For those who wondered, I predict that within the "playing field," which is a big rectangular flat sand playground, that's stunt sand -- not just random sand from the beach, but soft sand, probably specially made or chosen for its ability not to injure anyone. When Raro shows up, Aitu learns that Stephannie has been voted off. I have to add that Probst really doesn't look bad today, in his white shirt and army green pants, except that I cannot stand that yellow hat he's adopted for the season. It's's like he thinks that's a color found in nature, and other than in the inside of an acorn squash, it just isn't.

In any event, the challenge for today requires each tribe to choose three people, each of whom will cling to a pole. Then your tribe will go after each of those people with two of your people, who will have to pry the pole person off the pole and drag him or her for a distance across the beach. This has something in common with the old dunking challenge from Palau, and of course it has quite a bit in common with last season's awesome sand-wrestling challenge. I tend to sort of...well, I like this kind of challenge, provided that nobody gets hurt.

(Note: I add that caveat only because I have to. I don't really care if people get hurt. More arms and legs torn off, I say. It can only enhance the drama.)

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