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Dos Boots

So, Probst explains, the good news is that the winner of the challenge will be enjoying lamb, bread, and apple cider. Apparently, brutal challenges result in being rewarded with lamb, the cruelest meat. The bad news is that they'll be eating at tribal council, because this week, she is the double-boot. I have to think the teams can't be surprised -- we're fifteen days in, and there are still thirteen people playing. Furthermore, tribal council is tonight, so that's going to be three people gone in two days. The challenge requires equal numbers of men and women, so Aitu, which has an extra man, has to have a man sit out. Unsurprisingly, they elect to bench Cao Boi, who is not so much about the wrestling, unless he is wrestling demons out of your sinuses.

So on the posts for Aitu are Candice, Ozzy, and Sundra. On the posts for Raro are Cristina, Nate, and Jenny. Interesting decision, putting Nate on a post. My impression is that in order to have women wrestling women and men wrestling men, both tribes were told to put two women and one guy on posts, and then to have a pair of men to go after the men and a pair of women to go after the women -- and yes, this means that the pairs of women who are doing the dragging have to go twice.

First out are Parvati and Rebecca trying to get to Candice, as well as JessiFlicka and Becky trying to get to Jenny. Candice has powerful arms, more than you could see before, and she also is very long-limbed, which she knows how to leverage in this situation. She has herself wrapped around that pole like crazy. Jenny comes off her post a lot more easily. Not only does Candice hold out, but after they finally get Candice pried off the post, she manages to get part of the way back to it. Meanwhile, Becky and JessiFlicka grab one foot each and start to drag Jenny. Unfortunately, this spreads Jenny's legs a little, and Jenny suffers one of the indignities you risk by wearing bikini bottoms to a challenge, which is that she has to be given the crotch blur when she exposes a little more than she intends to for just a second. (I was going to say "for a flash," but...I won't.) I would also point out that Rebecca has her arm at least sort of around Candice's neck as they pull her off, but Candice manages not to complain a bit. Becky and JessiFlicka get Jenny back to the starting line, so Aitu is in the lead, and Yul and Jonathan are off to deal with Nate. Uh-oh. Nate is big.

As for Candice? Well, she's kicking. And fighting. Putting up a hell of a battle, really. Man alive, I wouldn't have expected such feistiness from someone so scrawny. Jonathan and Yul are predictably having a hard time with Nate, who has hit upon a good method of continuing to hook one of his strong legs back around the pole every time they get one pried off. As Parvati continues barely to help Rebecca try to wrestle Candice, Nate tries an interesting approach by quite actively trying to tackle Yul, just to make it take longer. Ultimately, Nate is dragged back over the line before Candice, meaning that -- get this -- Candice held out longer than two people put together, and one of them was Nate. That is a tough girl. I realize that she also didn't get very strong competition, but that is still an achievement. She made those women work very hard to get her moved.

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