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Dos Boots

I liked that challenge. It was tough, it was fair, there was very little dirty play, and the women mostly wrestled hard and fair and unapologetically. It's pretty cool seeing a roller girl and a cop wrestle. I mean, the two pulling had the advantage of there being two of them, but the pole person had the pole, and also had the advantage of not needing to go anywhere, so I didn't feel like anybody got treated too badly. As Jeff explains, the way it will work later is that Aitu will go to tribal council first, and then they'll eat and watch as Raro has its tribal council. Jeff says that there will also be one more surprise. Isn't there always? I just hope it has nothing to do with Rupert. For some reason, that's my undying fear. Jeff sends everybody home.

A flute tootles to bring us back to Aitu after the challenge, where Jonathan is saying that he "never took on a dude that big." Heh. You actor. (I saw him on The Nanny this week. Ha!) "It was fun, but it was crazy," Jonathan adds. (Same with seeing him on The Nanny, by the way.) Ozzy adds, "Yeah, those guys kicked my ass." Aw. Poor Ozzy. Sundra, in an interview, is nothing but happy and proud of her tribe. She can barely contain her fist-pumping, tooth-clenching enthusiasm: "I was so proud of the tribe today in challenge!" She thinks they worked together very well. "It came down to the girls," Ozzy says to the team at the fire, and it's basically true. They got that lead from Candice, after all. "I've never wrestled a cop before," says JessiFlicka coyly. Hee. Somehow, I suspect it won't be your last time, dear. In an interview, JessiFlicka looks back on how Cristina started pulling at her hair and clothes when she started losing. Which was pretty much true. The entire tribe is very happy about having earned themselves some food later. On the other hand, as JessiFlicka interviews, it sucked to come home knowing that somebody was still going to have to go.

Speaking of which -- and that is the last sensible transition you'll see for a while -- Cao Boi is in the shelter with Yul, and wants to tell him about a dream he had. Cao Boi explains that he had a dream about people coming into a village and kidnapping other people. With a rope. And making them turn invisible. (Yul's face: "Okaaaaaay.") And then, in the dream, Cao Boi realized that he couldn't defeat these invisible-making kidnappers. Cao Boi cuts in for an interview in which he explains the rest of the dream, because it's very easy to get lost. It turns out that the dream also included a "shaman lady." He then explains that, much as traditional mythology would suggest, the shaman lady was offering credit-card applications.

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