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Nate interviews that Cristina's effort at the challenge made him think she might be of some value, and then he has a chat with Rebecca in which he says that if Cristina were kept in the game at this point, she'd be insanely loyal to whomever spared her. Nate also makes it clear to Rebecca that he is not happy about the way Adam spoke to Cristina, which he found disrespectful. He also tells Rebecca he's concerned that Jenny is "tight with them other Asians" -- hey, just like what Cao Boi thinks about Candice, sort of! -- and that she'll get with them in the event of a merge. In other words, the two untouched original tribes are starting to make people nervous, and you could spend all day wondering whether that would be as true if they were random old tribes rather than racially based -- and therefore easily remembered -- old tribes. Nate interviews that if he didn't vote against Cristina, it would be Jenny. The problem with that, of course, is that every indication is that Rebecca and Jenny are pals, so who would go along with him, other than Cristina? Nate ponders his options, saying that Cristina is strong, but also has a strong mouth (heh), while Jenny is "sweet" but maybe not so trustworthy. Poor Nate. He feels torn.

After a set of commercials, we are back at Aitu. JessiFlicka and Cao Boi are doing a stretch together where they're back to back, and then one bends forward so that the other bends back. It's kind of cool. I wouldn't think of it, but it might feel pretty nice, particularly if you'd been sleeping on the ground and the person you were partnered with didn't smell like it was Day 15 on Survivor. Meanwhile, Jonathan is having a talk with Yul, in which he's saying that he thinks Cao Boi is a "genuine threat" and should go. He's also genuinely annoying, which I thoroughly believe is the real reason Jonathan is done with him. In an interview, Jonathan presents the Cao Boi boot as a "consensus." Not sure how broad that's supposed to be -- a consensus among...his alliance? The tribe? The halves of his brain? Jonathan says that, with Cao Boi, it's all the little stuff that's making people irritated, including dumb stuff like his wanting to take the idol everywhere. Cao Boi, on the other hand, is busy talking to Ozzy and Flicka about getting Yul and Becky to commit to Plan Voodoo. That would be the plan where they split votes 3-3 between Jonathan and Candice, and everyone gets 0% interest until September 2007. Cao Boi asks Sundra if she understands the plan, and he assigns her to vote for Jonathan. Sundra interviews dryly that Cao Boi "has this theory that the white alliance is going to take over the game." She says that Plan Voodoo might be a good idea, just in the sense that she herself feels "suspicious of Jonathan." She's not really sure why, but it "smells a little fishy" to her. I think Jonathan is one of those guys everyone is suspicious of because it's fairly obvious that he's smart, and that he's not playing a dumb, overemotional game where he's going to walk into a trap at some point and nicely knock himself out for you. I kind of like him, actually, and I'm not surprised that people are a little unsettled by him. He's a guy to worry about, if you're someone else in this game.

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