Post Mortem

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Road Trip!

Treiber wakes up to see Chase looking down at him. Chase tells him that the additional triclosan in his antibacterial soap tricks the thyroid over time, leading to Hyperthyroidism and some other stuff. Treiber admits he might not have gotten that. "House told us to look for irony," says Chase. Treiber knows it wasn't House.

Chase goes to Foreman's office and hands over his locker key. Foreman offers him his own team. Chase says it's time to step out of the shadow. Foreman says it's about time. They hug.

Wilson is in the tube. House examines the monitor. Chase comes in and asks if there's news. House asks if Chase came to him so House could talk him out of leaving. No, he came to say thank you. House shakes his hand and claims that it's been fun. His alternate line was, "We've shared a variety of situations." Chase leaves. Wilson, who was listening over the intercom, asks why House let him go. House blames the 13th Amendment. Then he sees something on the monitor. Something shocking. Something that renders him speechless. Something we won't get to see until next week!

Two episodes to go!

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