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It's hard out here for a gimp

Speaking of John, he's leading Kate, Jack, and Sawyer through the jungle back to the hatch, while Jack reams him out for leaving Ana-Lucia alone with a man who tried to kill her earlier. Kate tells Jack to leave him alone. You know, if they're really that worried about what Ana-Lucia's going to do, can you explain why the non-crutch users aren't running back to the hatch? Why are they letting Locke slow them down? Sawyer's on Jack's side, at least until Jack bitches that it's partly Sawyer's fault for letting Ana get his gun, which gives Sawyer the chance to bust out two nicknames he's undoubtedly been saving up: "Gimpy McCrutch over here covers up that The Artist Formerly Known As Henry tried to strangle your little amiga, and suddenly it's on me when she goes vigilante." I usually have to listen to Sawyer's sentences a couple of times because by the time his new nickname or nicknames have sunk in, he's finished talking. Jack suggests he go back to the beach, and they get up in each other's faces again, because puffing out their chests like this is really going to help matters back at Swan Station, and Kate has to separate them.

Well, at least they were almost there. Michael bursts out of the bunker door, yelling about a guy with a gun shooting people. He's quite convincing, but he's working with a pretty high base level of trust with the Lostaways anyway. Kate, Locke, and Sawyer head into the bunker while Jack tends to Michael. He goes to lift Michael up, and Eko's there, offering to help.

Down the hatch, Sawyer strides into the living area, and stares in shock at Ana slumped over on the couch. Kate goes to her, while Sawyer heads over to Libby, prone on the floor. Locke looks through the open door of the empty armoury, and then spins when Jack and Eko carry Michael in. Jack pauses a moment, surveying the carnage, and leaves Michael, whom Eko helps sit down at the table.

Kate, having checked Ana's pulse, says, "She's dead." Careful, Michael; don't look too interested, there. Maybe go for "horrified" instead of "crafty." Sawyer stares at them a moment, before returning his attention to Libby, who suddenly spits up blood on him and starts sputtering. Sawyer recoils, and Jack's instantly at her side. Oh, there you go, Michael. There's "horrified."

Goodbye, Ana-Lucia. You were outrageous and totally in my face, not unlike Poochie the Rockin' Dog; unfortunately, you were just as beloved. And now your planet needs you.

Eko performs the last rites over Ana's body, laid out in the conveniently empty armoury. Locke watches. Eko looks over at him, and their eyes lock for a moment. Staring contest. Go! Locke totally loses.

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