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It's hard out here for a gimp

Over on the bed, Jack's makeshift operating table, Libby is crying out and gurgling while Jack works on her. Jack doesn't seem to be able to do anything for her, and he tells Kate to keep pressure on the wound. He walks back into the kitchen area, where Michael is still sitting at the table. "How is she? I ask strictly out of concern for her well-being and not my own, of course," says Michael. Jack just says he's doing the best he can. Then he asks Michael how long ago this happened. Maybe twenty minutes, half an hour, says Michael, who appears not to have thought of that detail when he was concocting his story.

But Jack figures they can track him, much to Sawyer's incredulity; he points out that Henry's got a head start and a gun. "He shot three of our people!" yells Jack, adding that one of them's dead, and one of them's…well, he gets cut off here by Sawyer. "Who's going to take care of Libby while you're off playing Daniel Boone?" he says. Not that he's volunteering to go or anything.

Eko steps up and says he'll go after Henry, and points out Locke has tracking skills. So does Kate, and Kate's NOT ON CRUTCHES WITH A MASSIVE LEG WOUND. But since it would make more sense for Eko and Kate to go, Jack agrees to Eko and Locke going, ordering them to come back if they find anything at all, so they can decide together what to do next. "Let's go, John," says Eko, and Locke actually smiles, like he's all happy to be going on an outing.

Flashback to Eko sitting in a confessional booth, asking the penitent how long it's been since his last confession. Too many years for him to even remember, is the answer, in a thick Australian accent. He confesses to adultery, and wants to know what Father Eko's definition of "many times" is. Eko wearily tells him that to get God's forgiveness he must be truly penitent for his sins. Oh, in that case, I also forged ID papers for a guy pretending to be a priest! This makes "Father" Eko sit up and take notice.

And he decides to conduct his shady business with the dirtbag thug outside the church, I suppose. The dude hands over an Australian passport in Eko's name, and wryly asks what he did, skim money from the collection plate? Then he says he could get Eko in with some friends of his in Los Angeles. "Doing what?" asks Eko. "You know. Stuff."

Just then, the monsignor strolls up, interrupting Eko's curious way of honouring his dead brother, and says hello to "Father" "Tunde," who introduces the dirtbag as an associate who's helping arrange Father Eko-Tunde's trip to the United States. But the monsignor is all, "See, the thing about this is, there's been this miracle…" which is thank God not a reason that's ever been used to deny me time off. So whatcha got, Monsignor? Mary's face in a burrito? St. John the Baptist under a bridge overpass? The Edmonton Oilers scoring four goals in the third period to eliminate the Detroit Red Wings?

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