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It's hard out here for a gimp

Inside the church, a woman tells Eko that her daughter drowned. He expresses condolences, but she says her daughter came back to life. Eko exchanges a glance with the skeptical monsignor, whose expression reads, "Resurrection? Does she really expect us to believe someone died and came back to life?" The woman says her daughter slipped and fell into the river, and she's not much of a swimmer. The next day, she woke up. Isn't there a middle missing from that story? The woman starts going on about how the confirmation of faith needs to be shared with everybody, and Eko interrupts her rapidly loudening speech to ask where her daughter is now. "At home, with my husband," she says. Eko asks what her husband thinks about it. "The world needs to know about this! We need to tell the Vatican!" is her answer, which is quite telling. The monsignor interrupts her to tell her that before anyone can be told, the church needs to conduct its own investigation, and "Father Tunde" will start the process, if she'll allow him. She agrees. But Eko wants to speak to the monsignor privately.

Eko tells him he can't do what the monsignor is asking. "I do not believe what this woman says. Plus, about my trip to L.A.? I got tickets to see the Beastie Boys at the Hollywood Bowl, and I was on the phone for eight hours to get them, so you know?" "Why do you think I chose you?" says the monsignor. About Eko not believing, not about the Beastie Boys thing.

Back on Craphole Island, Eko's leading Locke through the jungle, and Locke stops him, and wants to know if Eko's seeing something that he's not, because he hasn't seen any kind of sign since they left the hatch. "Where is the question mark?" asks Eko. Locke says, "What?" Eko repeats his question. "You know what? You keep chasing after your own shadow. I'm going back," says Locke, who turns to do just that, but Eko stops him. "I know you do not want to show me. But you must," he says. Locke says he doesn't have to show Eko anything. "Then I'm sorry," says Eko, who screws up his face and then awesomely head-butts Locke, who topples like a beavered tree.

Eko's built a fire, beside which lies John, who slowly comes to. He asks why Eko hit him. "Because you were being difficult," says Eko, matter-of-factly. Hee. Locke asks him if he's insane (Eko says no), because his friend Ana-Lucia was just murdered, and -- Eko interrupts him: "Ana-Lucia wants me to help you, John," he says. So would you like to reconsider your answer to John's questioning your sanity? Eko says he's supposed to help John find the question mark, which isn't exactly right, but never mind. Locke rubs his face. "You don't even know what you're talking about, do you?" he says. Eko admits that he doesn't, but Locke did, and that's all that matters. So Locke gives up and hands over his scribbled memory map of the black-light diagram, which he calls "ten seconds of nothing." Coincidentally, that was a pet name an old girlfriend gave me, not long before she dumped me. Eko gets quite excited, and locates Swan station on it, and figures out they need to go "that way," pointing into the jungle. Locke gripes that they wouldn't even be out there if he'd told Jack that Henry attacked Ana-Lucia. But hey, what's done is done, right? And now, according to Eko, Ana-Lucia wants them to find the question mark, together. "She said this in my dream," says Eko, which isn't quite as convincing to Locke as maybe Eko hoped. "Tell me, John. Haven't you ever followed a dream?" "No, but one summer I followed Phish," says John, which technically isn't what he said.

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