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Daring Aeryn To Love You

You know the Prisoner's Dilemma? It's also known as "Daring Aeryn to Love Him," and it goes like this. Orwell puts you in Room 101 and says John's next door and he's already sold you out -- that he never loved you and he's always been a spy, a love terrorist, a PK Trelk Boy -- or he's let you down -- just as useless as you thought. So the possibilities are as follows: 1) You keep the faith, assuming they're lying. 2) You sell him out, and he goes down innocent. 3) You stay true, and he sells you out. 4) Or you turn on each other. Those are the possibilities. I lie, you lie, we both lie, we both tell the truth. My side, your side, in a very real sense. And the conventional wisdom is that you don't do this thing, you don't make the deal with the devil, because there's a 25 percent chance that you'll save each other. Which are not great odds, but when the whole universe is against you, hope is actually the smartest alternative. Not starry-eyed romance but the cold facts: 1) Everybody wins. 2) You're fucked. 3) You're fucked. 4) You're fucked. Might as well choose hope. You choose John. Or, if you're John, an unthinkable alternative that contains hope and hatred in equal amounts. Harvey's Lovely Daughter.

Scorpius follows John down the corridor as time goes nuts: "Who does Stark love?" John insists again that "You cannot just shoot people!" but he's playing a role: John Crichton, Nice Guy. He knows damn well why he brought Scorpius with him. He gave in before the episode started. "I find your priorities odd," Scorpius hisses. "We are in a hurry and these deformities are preordained to die soon. Who does Stark love?" In order: God, Zhaan, Scorpius, John...and Aeryn. Fuck. John stares around at an unfamiliar part of Moya he's never seen before (I wondered if maybe Moya weren't blundered too: with Talyn, maybe). "Just because you do not have the resolution," Scorpius begins, and John cuts him off, turning back past Scorpius: "I got more than enough 'resolution' the last time I was here. And sometimes, Scorpy, I do not like the way you do things!" But that doesn't stop you rubbing the lamp, does it, when the stakes are high enough. Scorpius growls softly and follows John back.

Command, D'Argo and Sikozu watching as the wormhole dances. Pilot reports that he's been hitting John's comms every half-minute, and gotten nothing. Rygel worries whether the module will even be able to make reentry through the tormented wormhole. Pilot: "I don't know. Moya's scans indicate the wormhole's stability has decreased another twelve percent." Sikozu hounds D'Argo again: "You know what we should do." He tells her to back off; she won't. "Grayza is no fool. We will die if we stay here much longer." D'Argo fairly spits with the attempt to explain the family stuff: "I'm not leaving Crichton! We're giving him another chance." How much longer? He shouts at her that he doesn't know; Chiana tells her slowly, scarily, "Back. Off. Psycho." Sikozu decides to put it to a vote: "We wake up Noranti and the six of us vote." Captain Ka D'Argo shakes his head, wearily. "Crichton is safe!" she shouts. The mathematical approach; the Prisoner's Dilemma. We'll see all sides before it's done. "But we will die, if Grayza finds us here! Majority rules." D'Argo informs her that it doesn't, actually. Not quite yet. "I'm the Captain. I'm not willing to make that decision." Sikozu breathes, frustrated and scared; Pilot tells him he might have to. "Moya's long range scan has just picked up another vessel heading this way." Military? Can't tell yet. D'Argo and Sikozu hurry to their consoles.

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