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Daring Aeryn To Love You

John and Scorpius have the Aeryn that Chiana could be bound, Chiana played by Aeryn, with a gag in her mouth, and they are shoving her down a hallway. John continues to lie to himself and Scorpius and anyone nearby: "We're gonna do this my way with Stark. Not yours!" Too late. Scorpius chides him -- "You haven't got the resolution to do what's necessary." -- and John tells him to stop with that already.

Think about D'Argo, think about Jool. John's healthy masculinity, undergone so many undercuts and architectural adjustments he's not even the man he was. John's healthy love of science, learning; his holy rage when science is turned into violence. He's not the man he was. Both connected to Chiana, and thus John's innocence, but more than that: D'Argo and Jool were friends, intimate ones. Eventually or almost lovers. They're the first pairing that has a romantic relationship in their history. They are the mirror image of Harvey's Lovely Daughter: a funny androgyny, but one that is pure through and through. Both of them love John, too, in particular ways that words cannot adequately describe. They're also the only ones that know how to have fun, besides Chiana, whose kind of fun is sort of scary most of the time. The next one's really awful, of course; this one's almost worse. They are both warriors and poets; the two diverging paths John's wormhole travel has demanded he become. They are the more that John can be. And watch what he's prepared to do.

Jool (played by D'Argo) surprises them, demanding to know -- arms akimbo -- what the hell they're doing with Chiana, who whimpers softly behind her gag. "Jool, just let us pass." She shakes her head: "What. Are you doing. With Pip?" They both loved Chiana but there's a clue here, something about John: he's the only one that really calls her that. This is a fairytale. Scorpius whispers, "Shoot him!" John calls Jool a she, and Scorpius gives him another clue on how to survive this: "Shoot it!" It's a nod to the gender-blending, sure, but it's also something PKs have been doing forever. "It." John whispers, pleading with Scorpius to let him handle it; Jool continues to make his demands. She finally fires her gun into the ceiling. There's a firefight, as Scorpius continues to hiss ("Shoot it!") and John continues to avoid the fact that he's the one orchestrating all of this. Every single moment of this episode, John co-signs. He thinks he can get out of this without killing her? He's not paying attention. John finally clips Jool in the side and she goes down. It's cruel, in a way, and Scorpius agrees, in a way. "Satisfied?" "No. I don't like the way you do things either. Very messy." Scorpius and Pip proceed down the hall; John follows, after considering the body. His honor and his science, gone.

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