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Daring Aeryn To Love You

D'Argo and Chiana attend John down a corridor, confirming that he's going to weirdo Moya. Chiana worries that he'll end up back on Earth and screw everything up again. Only she doesn't say "screw," she says "mess." He disagrees: "No, I got this hum in my head like a whale." They discuss whales ("Think big fish with sonar.") and D'Argo tells John that what he needs is a nap. But this hum! In the head! Chiana says there's something in his head, not actually a brain, and John reminds us how Einstein told him he can locate places he's been before. "It's like a homing beacon," John says. Only the opposite, right? Chiana says he "can't go with feck-face," because he'll mess with John, and then betray him. Only she doesn't say "mess," she says "screw." Scorpius, who was already lurking in the bay as they entered, goes BOO! by way of chiding Chiana for her lack of trust in him. Brave little Chiana hounds Scorpius as they head to the Farscape 1, demanding to know what's going on and why he's accompanying John into the crazy wormhole dimensions. Scorpius will only say that they have an agreement, and that the details are confidential. And creepy! Also really, really wrong! D'Argo begs John not to do it, simply and sincerely, and John levels with them. "Guys, I know what I'm doing is stupid, but it's out of my hands. I gotta save Aeryn, you know that. Just get us close to the wormhole. If we don't come back..." Chiana's staring at him. "Right." He turns back to the module, time goes crazy on the screen.

Aeryn's woozy as the Sebacean bitch-nurse comes in. "Feeling better?" Aeryn updates her on how she was in critical heat delirium, just so we know that this is just awful and just so we know that John is coming. Nurse is still struck by this: "Almost couldn't get your temperature down in time. I thought Peacekeepers were supposed to be battle-strengthened? Why did his heat probe almost kill you?" She circles, watching. Aeryn swallows painfully and says she's just tired. She begs the nurse to go away. The nurse decides on Good Cop instead: "Listen, that fennik will kill you unless you give him a reason not to, I've seen it happen. You'll be just another D.I.T. 'Died In Transit.'" She acts all put-upon, like, "Sorry for trying to save your ungrateful ass for more torture! Gah!" Aeryn asks Nurse if -- given that she's really Sebacean -- it makes it easier to let other people do the dirty work, like the fennik Scarran, while she's a cowardly collaborator.

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