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Daring Aeryn To Love You

Aeryn is still strapped in the chair, heat breath in her face. "How did you know we planned to kidnap Grayza?" She insists that it was an accident, which it was. Her arms jerk and she gasps and cries. Nurse hurries in and tells Jenek to stop immediately. "The Sebacean is dissembling." Nurse gets intense: "No! I know why she's reacting like this." She tells him to stop and he tells her to fuck off. "She is with child," Nurse whispers. Jenek stops with the heat and turns to her. "Scarran heat probe will kill a pregnant Sebacean," she reminds him. Jenek gets shifty and clever: "She was close to Crichton, was she not?" Indeed. Once upon a time.

Sikozu runs along behind D'Argo, bitching at him. They are having wormholer's remorse, agreeing that maybe this was a bad idea. "Aeryn is dead," says D'Argo. "I know Scarrans," says Sikozu. She follows him onto Command, where he says definitively that they're not going anywhere. "Grayza knows the location of this wormhole," Sikozu reminds him; he is impassive. "D'Argo!" He ignores her. "She put the Skreeth on Moya when we were last here. Please..." Rygel counsels him to listen. "Grayza knows Crichton used this wormhole as a path to get back to Earth. She knows he'll come back here." D'Argo flips out on him: "And I thought you were finally convinced Crichton's wormholes would get you home." Rygel sighs; not the point. D'Argo says they're staying for an hour. "Pilot! Get Moya to do a long-point, all-range scan. I don't care if it's a gas cloud or an asteroid field, I want to know the microt she senses something."

Things turn into Jacob's Ladder as a barely conscious Aeryn is wheeled down a corridor with banks of lights in the ceiling. Captain Jenek: "Can you retrieve incumbent knowledge from fetal DNA?" Which is: lame, except for how wormholes aren't science, they're art. Except for how it was his father the Ancient who gave them to him. Except for how this is about bodies, not minds. "Not here, but the med labs on Katratzi might be able to," says the Nurse by Aeryn's side. "What have you done?" Aeryn struggles to alertness; the Nurse hisses at her: "I've saved your life." Captain Jenek, very excited: "You realize what this could mean? If this is Crichton's child, we could learn all he knows about wormholes from this fetal DNA." The Nurse is like, "Um, this just in!" Aeryn begins to scream.

Commercial and now Aeryn's in a spiky House On Haunted Hill kind of ugly Scarran design-sense chair: arms cruciform in cages of curved spikes, legs straight out. She's not alone, in the sense that there are other prisoners in other chairs; they've changed her outfit for her as well. "Djancaz-bru, I'm going to say this again because I don't think you heard me last time. Just get a message to him. Let him know where I am, so he can find me." Maybe she did. I don't guess it matters. Another prisoner, female, with slightly more neck than Jeffrey Sebelia, sniffs. "I didn't think Peacekeepers had gods. I thought they believed in the Warrior Code: Battle and Die and all that dren." Aeryn, startled, looks around at her; she's kind of lizardy with an Aussie face. Another prisoner speaks: "Is there a Peacekeeper here? Can she help us?" The neck lady, Morrock, sniffs again: "She can't even help herself. She's praying."

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