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Prelude to a Flop

And then the number continues into a coda we didn't see before, with Ivy singing a verse about how she's quite happy to jump on that casting couch right there. Then Karen gets her own verse, which includes the lyric "In a two-piece I make quite a splash/Because I want to be a smash." Title of show, everybody drink! The choreography of this number -- all writhing and straddling and climbing on Zanuck, looks very, very Derek -- so points to actual choreographer M. David Mullen for the character's smarm coming through in the girls' dancing.

In the dressing room Karen is still obsessively poking at her phone and Ivy tells her to give it a rest. Karen's hurt-bunny radar pings and she asks Ivy if she's okay and when Ivy insists she's fine, says, "You're not." Ivy relents and tells Karen she was really good in the number. Karen returns the compliment and it's interesting to see the two of them operating on completely different levels.

Rebecca is whisper-singing her way through "Second Hand White Baby Grand" (I think), although some of the difficulty might be because she's sprawled on her back on Marilyn's bed, which isn't the best position for projecting one's voice. Oh and then she dies. Huh.

Everyone backstage holds their breath and Tom frets, "They're not applauding," but then orchestra goes into the main theme and the audience begins clapping -- kind of anemically -- as the company comes out to take their bows. One audience member next to Eileen and Nick is making a hilarious "Oh, honey, NO" face.

Dev is waiting outside for Karen as she and the dancers come through the seats, with Bobby proclaiming that something always goes wrong at the first preview. Karen says she thought he went back to New York and then she apologizes for blowing off his proposal. He tries to apologize and then Ivy comes out and Karen introduces them. Awkwardsauce.

In the lobby of the gorgeous theater, Tom is explaining that you can't end a musical with a suicide. Julia says that's what Marilyn did. Derek says there are a lot of theories about what Marilyn did and Julia says, "I thought you wanted it darker." Derek condescends, "I want it to work, darling, all right?" God, he's such a sexy prick. Eileen steps into the breach and suggests that Marilyn have a reunion with her younger self at the end. Julia says they did that in the HBO movie with Ashley Judd, which she knows because she saw every movie ever made about Marilyn and in every one she dies! Well, sure, but only because no one's made the Marilyn version of Bubba Ho-Tep. Eileen says that Marilyn did die, but Bombshell won't and they need a new ending by Monday. Go with Bruce Campbell, Julia!

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