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Prelude to a Flop

Tom and Sam are having dinner as Tom explains that Julia's never been this mad at him. Sam says she'll get over it and asks Tom to come to church with him this weekend. Tom asks what this will entail and Sam says there will be singing and praying. Tom begs off due to Chosen People status. Sam says Jews also have been known to sing and pray. Tom fastens on his Borscht belt and says no, Jews complain and eat. Sam argues over Tom's objections and says that on Sunday, he will pray and eat with God. I hope there will be refrigerator pies. I love those.

In a hotel lobby, Ellis is offering Eileen and Nick is terrible, awful, no good, very bad opinions. "The real problem is Rebecca," he declaims. Nick says he thought she was quite appealing. Ellis replies, "I don't know how Derek's going to get her there." Eileen asks, quite patiently, all things considered, "Are you directing now, Ellis?" He mutters into his drink, "I'm producing... somebody has to" and Nick very, very politely doesn't rip his trachea out and beat him with it. Instead he suggests Ellis take himself off to bed and let the grown-ups worry about the show. Mercifully, he does.

It amazes me that no one on the show other than Julia seems to realize what an overweening ass Ellis is or slap him down for his impertinence. Instead, Eileen just chuckles that she used to be the one who was insane with worry after the first preview. "What happened?" Nick asks. "You," she replies. Nick goes to make sure Ellis is poured into a cab and Eileen approaches the lobby pianist, who's been noodling out Sinatra's "September Song." He invites Eileen to sing. As Nick comes back in, she does and although we might have a wee bit of a Rebecca situation here as regards to Anjelica Huston's singing experience, it's pretty great.

As she sings, we see Karen and Dev head into her room and begin making out. Tom comes back to the hotel and runs into Julia and Shrek, who nods at him as Julia ices him out.

The next morning Dev and Karen lie in bed, fully pajamaed, and reminisce about the first time they met. Karen suggests they "practice Some Like It Hot," and Dev, wracked with guilt, says she probably needs to go to rehearsal. I'm kind of wondering what happened to Karen's roommate. Poor girl needs her sleep, you know? Karen is earnestly explaining that she doesn't care what happened with RJ and that she doesn't want their argument last night to ruin their relationship and that she's scared of losing Dev. "You won't lose me," he says. "So can we get married?" she asks.

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