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Man, Overboard

Steph explains to us in an interview that while she largely believes Judd, she also knows that he's playing the game hard, and has already been caught lying once or twice. "And Danni really hasn't lied at all," Steph says. What's great is that Danni hasn't even lied now. She really let Judd dig his own grave. This week really did showcase some excellent game play for once, and it was all Danni.

Judd sits off by himself (dummy!) and Rafe goes in for a talk with Steph, asking her what the hell is going on. Steph says she's not sure what Judd is thinking, but that he's getting nutty, kind of like Jamie did. Steph also relays to Rafe how Judd was complaining to Lydia about what happened with Jamie. "So we get rid of Judd first?" Steph asks Rafe. "We have to think about it," Rafe says gravely. "'Cause...I mean, that's a big thing to do." Hee. I love this, because Rafe is probably singing on the inside with happiness about getting rid of Judd, because it's been the association with Judd and Jamie that made him feel icky about his alliance all along, so I'm sure he's mighty glad to see this happening. Steph grinds some more corn.

Elaborate millipede shadow puppet.

Steph, Danni, and Rafe all have a chat in which some talk of honesty is thrown around, but the upshot is that nobody really feels like they can predict Judd, and Danni and Rafe don't like Judd, so between Steph's feeling of losing control over him and Rafe's eagerness to be rid of him and Danni's desire to preserve her position, that's a lot of strikes against Judd. In fact, the even better news for Danni is that Steph is now suggesting that, indeed, after Judd goes, they'd boot Lydia, so that the F4 would be Rafe, Steph, Cindy, and Danni. Steph is concerned about a tie, but Rafe is pretty confident that Lydia will go along with a Judd booting. The question arises as to whether to tell Cindy, and nobody seems to know what to do about that. It seems like they must suspect that Judd and Cindy have some sort of a bond, but honestly, there's not a great reason to tell her. If you all agree not to tell her and this works out the way you think it's going to, then she can't really hold it against anyone come F4, because you're all equally to blame, right? Steph voices over that in her heart, she wants to boot Lydia because she and Judd have been close, but she's not going to keep someone who's going to "slit [Steph's] throat" just because she likes hanging out with him. I'm kind of baffled by the fact that she enjoys hanging out with Judd (man), but...whatever. Steph explains to Rafe and Danni that although she and Judd are pals, she's not going to keep him around when he may be thinking about turning on her. Danni reports to us that it seems to be going well with her plan to "rat Judd out." I have to say, it's nice to see a woman that skinny look that radiant when smiling, because it makes her look a lot less creepy. She is all bones, but she really doesn't look unhealthy to me, because she doesn't so much have the sunken eyes and so forth.

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