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Man, Overboard

Steph talks about how the group is like family, and this seems to make Judd roll his eyes. When asked about this "family" dynamic, Judd goes into the following rant: "I'll tell you what, to be honest with you, no matter what they all say, everybody wants somebody to go home. So, you know, they're sitting here making believe like, 'Oh, man, it's gonna stink,' and...that's not the case, man. Everybody wants somebody to go home. That's the bottom line. That's what we're here for. I mean, the only way you move on is somebody goes home. No hard feelings, with it. That's basically the way I look at it. If somebody goes home, that's better for me. You've just got to trust and love the ones you're with right now." At this last comment, Steph closes her eyes. I think she's shocked that he didn't say "man" more times.

Jeff verifies that Danni will not be giving up immunity, and then it is time to vote. Rafe votes. Danni votes for Judd, saying that she's sorry about this, but that she's got to do what she's got to do. Cindy votes. Judd votes for "Lidia": "Hey, Lydia. You sang and you danced your way right out of the jungle. Adios." Steph votes. Jeff goes off to tally.

First vote goes to Judd. He looks not too upset. Second vote goes to Lydia. Third to Lydia. A second one for Judd, but that doesn't seem to upset him too much, as he perhaps knows that Danni might have joined Lydia to try to upset the apple cart. Cindy doesn't look too damn pleased, either. Steph braces herself. The next vote? "Juddinator." Judd's head turns at this one. Aaaand...the thirteenth person voted off is...Judd. Judd pops up from his seat and goes to get his torch, passing behind the group and sarcastically saying, "Thanks, guys. I hope you guys all get bit by a freakin' crocodile." Gary sits up attentively, enjoying the show and wearing a very interesting "Well, now!" sort of expression. "Scumbags," Judd mutters like the good sport he is. He goes over to get his torch snuffed. And as he walks off, Judd mutters "scumbags" again. He's just dealing with it. That's basically the way he looks at it. No hard feelings! I actually would have cheered for anyone who had hollered, "No hard feelings!" as he was leaving. Instead, everyone tries to look guilty. When Judd is blissfully gone, Jeff says, "You can no longer rely on what used to be," which is pretty much what he says every week. I think it's some kind of weird irony. And then he sends the contestants home. What a lovely and satisfying booting that was.

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