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Man, Overboard

As Danni takes her cartwheel, she explains in a voice-over that she knows Lydia has been separated from the rest of what used to be the Big Six and then the Big Five, so Lydia seems ripe for the picking, rebellion-wise. Danni also notes that the game is getting close enough to the end that the alliance that's been so strong for such a long time is almost going to have to start to splinter, because five people can't make F2, not that many past contestants haven't managed to miss this particular point. It's a good one.

We now move to a challenge area in which Jeff sits the survivors down on the set of bleachers that means they're either having an auction or a quiz of some sort. It turns out that this is indeed the auction, and they've each been given $500 to work with. You can share money, but only the people who share money can share the item. Judd sniffs his wad of bills. So...Judd's ready now, I guess. Also, Jeff notes that the auction will end without warning, so you need to go ahead and bid and not hold out for things. Steph smells her money as well. You guys, it probably smells either like the basket they were storing it in or like the prop guy's gym bag, so I'm not sure what the fuss is about.

The first item up for bids is a small bowl of beef jerky. Beef jerky is a great food item for this particular environment, but it still doesn't look like it's all that much. It's not like you're going to live on that for the next week or anything, I don't think. But it is good protein, and I'm quite surprised when it goes to Danni without any sort of fight, and she only has to pay $20 for it, the lowest possible bid. Once Danni has sewn the jerky up at $20, Jeff tries to tempt her with a covered plate she can't see. She can keep her beef jerky, or she can go for the mystery plate. I would never take the mystery plate in a case like this, because even a meal wouldn't be that much better than what you already have, since you currently have a nice stable protein source for a day or two, and if you trade and get a big meal, you'll just be explosively sick for about two hours and then have nothing to show for it. Danni wisely decides to keep the beef jerky, and is very glad she did when Jeff announces that the plate she gave up was just a bunch of uncooked corn, which she of course has plenty of as it is. They really have had much less variety in their diets than in some seasons. The fish-catching seemed to go nowhere, meaning that aside from rewards, they really do seem to have eaten nothing but corn for a month. I like corn, but not that much. As Danni happily sits herself back down, she gnaws happily on her jerky. It's good to see that girl gnaw with gusto.

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