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Next up are three chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Cindy nails it down for the also-remarkable price of $40. Clearly, people are expecting a lot of super-fancy items to come along here, because there are days when I would pay $40 for a glass of milk and three chocolate chip cookies, Survivor or no Survivor. Cindy runs up to claim her prize, and she takes a bite and turns around to announce that the cookies are bursting with chips. Okay, maybe $45.

The next item to appear is an individual mosquito net, and if you want to know just how bad the bugs are, just look at the excitement this item brings about. It's too bad there isn't a net that would keep away, like, Judd. That's what would really bring the dough at an auction -- a jerk-repelling net. Not to mention what you'd get when you sold it after the fact on behalf of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I know I'd bid. Anyway, quite a number of people take interest in the mosquito net, and Rafe and Danni team up and bid together with a plan to share it, apparently thinking that they can each wear it for five minutes and then be bitten for five minutes and then wear it for another five minutes. But ultimately, it is a badly bitten Lydia who takes the thing home for $140. As Lydia comes up to collect her net and turns back to sit down, the camera zooms in helpfully for a close-up of her back, and from looking at her, you can sort of see why she went for the mosquito net. Gross. Lydia makes sure Jeff knows that her ass is worse. Jeff refers to Lydia also having the same problem "on the booty," which is a little bit of lingo I think he learned from Julie. Or possibly J.Lo, in her groundbreaking album, Bites On The Booty.

Next up: a mystery plate. The bidding comes down to Judd and Steph versus Danni and Rafe, and Danni and Rafe wind up taking it for $180. They get a giant steak sandwich and fries, and they treat it as a great value. That's where you know the beef jerky was underbid. This is not nine times as good as that bowl of beef jerky, you know? Judd allows that the sandwich looks pretty good. I like the shot of Danni hungrily grabbing...the lettuce. She certainly is a happy little bunny.

The next item is neither a food nor a bug deterrent. Instead, Jeff holds up an envelope and says that it contains an advantage for the upcoming immunity challenge. Now, you have to remember that we've seen Danni spend at least $110, and based on what's going to happen later, there are other people here who still have plenty of money, despite the fact that there are always items that are auctioned off that aren't shown and use up some of everybody's stash, making all the math harder to figure. But here, the obvious person to want the advantage is Danni, so you'd think the Big Four would know that what they need to do is take it for themselves. Because you really don't want Danni to get an advantage for immunity. If you let Danni win immunity this week, now you're stuck trying to boot her at F5, and you have only one chance to preserve your original F4, while you can always get rid of Lydia next week if you need to. The bottom line is that there is no reason why Steph's group wouldn't at least put up a fight. You can only eat so many giant ice-cream sundaes or what the hell ever. Nevertheless, Danni nabs the immunity assistance for the remarkably low price of $200. I'm not even sure why Lydia didn't want it, even if only because Danni's getting it so clearly makes her the obvious target. In short, that should not have gone for $200 at all. It's immunity with six people left. They just spent almost that much on a sandwich. There are some people without their eyes on the ball here. Jeff brings Danni up and gives her the envelope, telling her to bring it with her to the challenge later.

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