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Man, Overboard

And then Jeff announces that the next item up for bids is...coming around the corner. Happiness and excitement soon explode from the group, because, predictably (I think Judd in particular was anticipating this very thing), the family and friends come around the corner at this point. The range of reactions is always so interesting -- Steph is just instantly in tears with excitement, while Rafe is wearing this wonderful grin of baffled delight. Visiting for the moment are Cindy's twin sister Mindy (gross, but not as bad as Jamie's reported twin brother Ramie, which my friend JWB pointed out is kind of like naming your kids Jamie and Schmamie, like, "You get a real name, but you...not so much"), Rafe's completely adorable mom (looking exactly like she would be Rafe's mom), Danni's earring-and-goatee-wearing brother, Judd's surprisingly hot blonde wife, Lydia's brother, and Steph's boyfriend (looking more than exactly like he would be Jersey Steph's Jersey boyfriend). Asked whether it's cool to see his mom out here, Rafe laughs through his sniffles quite marvelously and says exactly what I think I would be thinking: "This is so random." Judd actually ruffles Lydia's hair affectionately (!) as Jeff tells the group that Lydia hasn't seen her brother in two years. Yikes. "How's he look?" Jeff asks. "Good!" Lydia says breathlessly. I am always such a goddamn sucker for this part. I get all gooey inside, and then I hate myself.

Anyway. The contestants are bidding on an overnight stay where the winner will be able to bring his or her loved one back to camp. Pooling money is allowed between up to two people, but only one person will get to bring the loved one back, so presumably the person with less money to contribute would only be giving money as a favor. The bidding goes up gradually until Rafe jumps it to $300, which I suspect is how much he has left at that point. Steph asks Lydia how much she has, and Lydia answers, and Steph asks if Lydia would "loan it" to her. Lydia, knowing she can't win for herself and probably seeing an opportunity to undo some of what happened last week with the Eating-Related Wrath of Steph, agrees. Judd, meanwhile, cleans out Cindy, who says that she, too, already was out of the running and didn't have enough dough. I have to assume that this all meant that everyone knew Judd and Steph had the most money left, so it was basically just a matter of choosing which one of them you wanted to give it to. And, considering that you can only take from one person, it also was strategically critical for Judd and Steph to know how much everybody had so that they'd know whom to borrow from. Steph's total haul comes to $750 (meaning that Lydia gave her more than $200), and then Judd starts to count his out. Steph bursts into tears as Judd counts past $800, and he winds up with $880, giving Judd the win. This also means that between Judd and Cindy, aside from her cookies, they only spent $80 in the entire rest of the auction. The difference, incidentally, is almost exactly the amount Lydia spent on the mosquito net. Steph mouths "I'm sorry" to her boyfriend, which is kind of endearing. So Judd has bought Mrs. Judd for the night for $880. Nothing like the warm experience of buying your own wife. Mrs. Judd runs over to Judd and they embrace and whatnot.

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