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Man, Overboard

Judd talks strategy with Mrs. Judd, telling her how they have this close alliance between him, Steph, Rafe, and Cindy. He calls it "tight as can be." Mrs. Judd is all excited about how clear the path to the end seems to be for her man. She feels richer already! Now she can get that...different husband! Howlie looks down on the action like, "Don't count on it, blondie. He's louder than me."

Rafe, Lydia, and Danni arrive at the old, abandoned Yaxha camp. Rafe talks about how it was almost a "homecoming," getting to see their old shelter and so forth. With an uninterrupted chance to talk to the two outliers, Rafe's unhappiness about being associated with Judd really begins to blossom. Danni mentions to Rafe that, among other things, he had the Hogeboom Boom of Approval as someone Danni could trust in the game. Rafe says Gary told him the same thing about Danni. Aw, Gary. Matchmaking from beyond the figurative grave. Danni interviews that she thinks Rafe is beginning to figure out that his F4 alliance is going to start turning on itself pretty soon, and that he might want to keep an ally around if that's going to happen. Moreover, the alliance will undoubtedly see Rafe as a threat in a couple of different ways at this point, so, as she puts it, "he needs another buddy." They talk a little about Judd, and about the fact that Judd's position is not very secure, what with the weak links Judd has with other people in the group. Rafe also says that they need to "catch Judd in some kind of lie." Presumably, he means in another lie besides the one that he was just caught in last week. Somewhere, I envision Gary putting his head in his hands in despair and muttering, "Idiots, idiots, I handed him to you. YOU FOOLS!" Rafe's idea here is to turn Steph against Judd, which strikes me at this point as about the least likely thing he could have tried. Far better, I'd think, to try to get people to turn on Steph. The power player? Doesn't that make more sense? You can see why I've never won a million dollars on television. Anyway, Rafe tells us that he's making "backup plans" in case Judd tries to move against him. No, Rafe! Go after somebody now! Not a backup plan! I don't want the Judd/Steph pair to get any more power than they already have! Bleh. Make a move, Rafe! Make a move! "You can't trust a person like Judd," Rafe says, "but you can trust that you can't trust him." So do something, goof! Man, he is one frustrating cat.

We finally get our dose of night vision when we return to Camp Xhakum, where the loved ones and their loved ones are sitting around having various pleasant little fireside chats. Steph and Mrs. Judd talk about how much Steph digs Judd and how great Judd's been in the jungle. "It looks like you guys will really be the final four," Mrs. Judd observes smugly, imagining what kind of car she wants. Steph says, "Hopefully it works out." She adds, "Jersey would be proud." Eh. Not so very proud.

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