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Man, Overboard

The moon hangs in the sky.

Judd talks to the rest of the group about how Danni still probably won't win immunity, even with her "clue," because she's usually not in the immunity games too much. Cindy agrees that Danni isn't generally strong either mentally or physically. "The one thing she's good at is shooting basketballs," Cindy says dismissively. Judd goes on to say that if Danni wins, they can always just get rid of Lydia. He talks about how glad he is that this is how things are going, and Mrs. Judd leans over and kisses his meaty arm. Bleh. I mean, I guess if you didn't like kissing the meaty arm, you wouldn't have married Judd, but...still.

The next morning, Day 32, we rejoin Camp Xhakum, still chock-full of family members. Mrs. Judd is not enjoying the atmosphere out in the jungle very much, what with the zillion bugs, and Mindy interviews that she didn't expect it to be so "barren." "They have nothing," she says. Mike agrees that it's "the real deal." As everybody sits around eating, the outcast group of Rafe, Lydia, and Danni returns to camp. Rafe explains that those returning didn't really think the family members would still be around, but they were, so everybody got to spend a little time together. Judd tries for romantic imagery and goes wildly off the rails when he first says that Mrs. Judd makes him "full" when he hasn't been eating, and then says, "It's like eating twenty-five White Castle cheeseburgers, man." That is so incredibly romantic. It's a good thing he didn't say that in front of her, or she would likely have fainted. ["Not to defend Judd, because that was really asinine, but I think that if Glark were in some kind of deprived survival situation and said that seeing me was like getting a chai from Starbucks, I would be very touched." -- Wing Chun]

There are hugs all around, and then the family members finally are sent away. Judd talks all about how hard it was, hopefully realizing that he's fairly lucky compared to a bunch of other people. Mrs. Judd tearfully says she's never gone without speaking to Judd for more than twenty-four hours. I would certainly believe he's never gone for more than twenty-four hours without talking to her. I would believe he's been known to talk for twenty-four hours consecutively. Cindy thinks having her sister there was "incredible," but she doesn't say anything interesting. Apparently, Mindy was not very inspiring. On the topic of inspiration, I can't help being the kind of person who always wonders...would you, you know, reunite with your significant other in this situation? I mean, I'd think you would, certainly, but you'd be so...dirty and smelly, and it's such close quarters with the other people in camp, you know? And the cameras? Would you sneak off in the woods? I don't mean you personally, of course. I'm sure you wouldn't sneak off in the woods, and that's what I'll tell your mom if she asks. I just mean...I think it's an interesting question. But I have a certain taste for scandal. Anyway. The family members leave in their boat. Steph hates goodbyes.

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