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Man, Overboard

Back at camp, Cindy and Rafe work on chores, and Lydia starts what will be a very fateful chitchat with Judd. She feeds him a little bit by saying, "Almost there, Judd. What do you think? You got a good shot at the million?" Judd says, "Who knows, man?" Lydia simply says, "Gotta get a game plan here, Mr. Judd." Judd, rather idly, asks, "Why? What do you got? What are you thinking?" Lydia nonsensically asks, "How far do you want to get to the final two?" Judd says, "Just as far as you do." So that was...not very coherent. But you get the upshot. "Why?" Judd asks her. "You have any plans?" Just then, Danni brings over some water and sits down next to Lydia to listen. Lydia tells Judd, as Danni casually eats some corn, that they "know who the key players are." Judd, eager to disabuse anyone of the notion that they know anything he doesn't, says, "I know who the threats are here. I ain't that stupid, man, are you kidding me?" Lydia: "We've come this close. We got seven freaking more days left. Now, we either get rid of the threats, or we're going to be stuck where we're sitting on the jury." "I know that," Judd says. "I mean, look at what happened to me with Jamie, man. You think I was happy about that?" Lydia assures Judd that she was the last to know about that. "And I was shocked that they didn't tell you," she wisely feeds. "I know who the mastermind behind that was," Judd says, as the editors cut to a shot of Steph. "And you know what? If I was to say something, I'm screwed."

This was a major miscalculation by Judd, of course. Either he wasn't playing with Lydia, in which case he really needed to make sure that he didn't do this in front of Danni -- because Steph would totally take Danni seriously where she wouldn't take Lydia seriously. And if Judd was playing with Lydia, he forgot that he needed to tell Steph this happened before she heard it from someone else. Stupid Judd. Not that this is a surprise. Danni interviews that as soon as Judd started making noise about going after strong players, she remembered Rafe telling her that if Judd talked about getting rid of Rafe, Rafe thought Steph could be corralled into voting Judd off. Lydia continues to work on Judd: "Judd, you know what? Maybe it's time we make a difference." "You know what?" Judd says. "I don't have a problem with that." Danni interviews that the longer you're around, the more trouble you can cause, and the more "doors will open." Oh, and we can all pray that one of those doors will hit Judd in the ass.

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