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Brotherly Lust

Kent Farm. Clark is doing some nighttime chores with the red truck. Lex pulls up in his sweet silver ride. Clark said he heard Lex was gonna come back for his stuff. What stuff? I thought he only came with the clothes on his back. Lex explains only that his dad had a change of heart. They're playing The Flaming Lips! Clark says he's sorry Lucas isn't the brother Clark wanted. Lex says he's surprised Lucas is alive at all. Lex says that Lucas is safe. But it's gonna take some work to regain his trust. "You will. You're not your father," Clark assures him. Lex says that, to some degree, we're all driven by our fathers. The difference is that Clark's dad is a good man. Lex admires how Bo let him stay over, no questions asked. Clark says he'll never understand Lex's family. Lex says his dad may try to rule the world, but Clark's dad will inherit it. Heh. Meek. Clark and Lex exchange about twelve small gay looks, and then we go to credits.

Next week: Virus!

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