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Brotherly Lust

School. Oh yeah, I forgot they still go to high school. So did they, apparently. Torch. Clark holds up a cup of coffee and a pastry to Chloe. He delivered it as thanks for her recommendation to Lana. Clark mentions the personnel changes at The Talon. Chloe is way ahead of him on the Lucas Luthor tip. She says that the story of the prodigal son taking over the castle could land someone a byline on the front page of The Daily Planet. Sadly, she's right. Clark doesn't trust Lucas and thinks he's hiding something. Oh, ya think? Chloe says he's had a tough life. Clark asks if she found anything weird in his past. "Just the source," Chloe says. She hands Clark a piece of paper.

In the Barnness of Gay Roommateitude, Lex holds the same paper. "Metropolis United Charities," Lex reads. Clark says that prior to two weeks ago, Lucas's file didn't exist. How would he know unless he had checked before and after that? Lex says it's like somebody wanted him to be found. And the detectives Lex hired didn't tell him where they got their information. More basketball! Now! This is getting boring! Lex thinks his dad was hiding Lucas all along. The whole finding-Lucas thing was a set-up for Lex to lose everything to Papa Luthor. Sneaky! Lex says that while he's been playing checkers, his dad's been playing chess. And Lucas was playing Chinese poker! It all makes sense now!

Former house of Lex. Lucas is doing pull-ups and he's shirtless. I'm told he has a nice chest. I wouldn't know. Lex walks in, and there's that gorgeous TV, some huge speakers. This place is stylin'. Lex shimmies in to some thumping music, and says he loves what Lucas has done to the place with his latest scam. Lucas catches a towel thrown by Lex and says that unlike the bald guy, he doesn't live in the shadow of his father. Lex admits that Papa Luthor and Lucas played him brilliantly. Lucas admits that Papa Luthor found him three weeks before and wanted to use him for a corporate raid. "Let's face it, Lex," Lucas says. "I'm the son he wants." Lex, smiling, says that Lucas is showing his hand. He asks what Lucas is really after: "His affection?" They both laugh. Lex warns that Papa Luthor isn't going to start loving this new son. "You don't know him at all," Lex says. Lucas, losing a bit of cool, tells Lex to get out. Lex warns that even high-school kids were able to track Lucas down. "You mean your friend Clark Kent?" Lucas asks. All kinds of loaded information in that question. Lex says he bets a lot of people are looking for Lucas. Like some Edge City people. Lucas asks if that's a threat. "You know, the Luthor gene pool is a shark tank and our father's just chummed the waters," Lex says. Wow. Really good line, right there. Lex wishes Lucas luck and leaves. Lexually.

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