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Brotherly Lust

Clark at The Talon. He's wearing an apron! And carrying coffee! Chloe tells Clark that the police found the motorcycle shooter outside of Metropolis. But it gets more interesting. Poor Dirk the shooter somehow died in jail before they could even charge him. Clark says the obvious: somebody didn't want him to talk. Chloe says it was someone with enough power to kill someone else in a police station. Clark hands Chloe a serving tray and tells her to take over for him while he goes to investigate. "Clark! I drink coffee, I do not serve it!" Chloe says, hilariously. Lana looks on after them. As much as I'm not a Lana fan, I really don't know why she puts up with their shenanigans. Did I really say "shenanigans"? I'm officially an old man.

Bo Duke is doing some woodworking. And by that, I mean with tools. He's even wearing safety goggles. Lex comes up behind him. He's carrying what looks like an overnight bag. Lex thanks Bo for everything he and the family have done for him. Bo asks if he's going somewhere. Lex says he needs to talk to his brother: "You know what they say about fish and houseguests after three days." Did Lex just compare himself to a smelly fish? Bo takes a deep breath and says, "You're welcome back anytime." Who knew Bo was so liberal? Bo says he gave Lex every crappy farm job he had and Lex did them all without complaining once. "You would have made one hell of a farmer," Bo says seriously. My brain is working overtime to figure out if that was a compliment or not. Lex smiles and thanks Bo. They shake hands, which on this show is like having mansex. Except for the actual mansex that goes on. Suddenly Bo is struck hard in the back. It's Lucas! And he's clubbed Bo with a gun! Lucas points the gun at Lex. Lex asks what he's doing. "Finishing what you started," Lucas says. Dramatic music plays. Lex looks down at the gun and gulps.

Papa Luthor at home, lounging on a leather couch. Clark just walks in, having gotten past the airtight security. "Who is that?" Papa Luthor asks, still playing blind. Papa Luthor says he meant to call Clark and thank him for saving his son's life. He says that Clark's rescues are becoming a Luthor family tradition. Clark asks if Papa Luthor knows about the shooter and the jail. Papa Luthor acts surprised that Dirk died in jail. Clark says it's convenient, just like the way Lex was able to track Lucas down. Papa Luthor says that Clark inherited his dad's sense of paranoia. Clark says they're not talking about his family. They're talking about The Luthors. Clark just doesn't have a way with the witty retort. Papa Luthor's phone rings. "Goodnight, Clark," he says. "Send my regards to your mother." Wow. Burn. That's cold right there. What happened to MamaKent continuing to work for Papa Luthor? What ever happened with that? Clark exits. Papa Luthor answers the phone. "What? Lucas? Where are you?" Papa Luthor says he'll take his chopper and be there soon. "Don't do anything rash," he says. Clark is outside the door listening.

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