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"Who's your daddy" isn't necessarily a rhetorical question

The prom. A bunch of extras sit at tables while Brooke and Sam and Harrison try to enjoy themselves. Brooke looks like she's wearing something she'd wear to school, and Sam is wearing what looks to be Juliette Binoche's flapper outfit from the last Academy Awards as copied by Merry-Go-Round. They tell Harrison he has to choose. But before he can answer, we cut to Nicole crying angry tears while driving down the street to the prom in her Jaguar. When they cut back to the prom, Harrison has just made his decision, and the girls are reacting, although it's not entirely clear to the viewer yet which one Harrison picks. Like it matters. Brooke gets up to leave, and Sam begs her to stay and talk to her. It seems pretty clear to me that Harrison has chosen Sam, and Brooke, the loser, is stomping off all mad and defeated. However, quite a few people on the boards felt that it was ambiguous. He could have chosen Brooke, and Brooke is running away because she feels bad at having ruined her friendship with Sam. Whatever. It doesn't matter who he chooses, because the show is cancelled. Nevertheless, Brooke walks out into the street and Nicole, approaching the prom, sees her in the distance. Nicole accelerates and hits Brooke with her car. The credits roll as sirens wail.

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