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The Bean Scene

The Boran tribe immediately decides that it's too difficult to carry all their gear. The bongo drum is not the first casualty; instead, Kim J. and Kelly pour out the tribe's water supply. I guess Kelly gets all the water she wants from her Evian-filled swimming pool back home. No one suggests drinking the water instead of dumping it out. In a confessional, Kim J. tells us that Boran had three jugs and dumped out two, because they were too heavy. It doesn't make any more sense when she explains it. Ethan tells us that Big Bird (a.k.a. Diane) took charge of the tribe's map, and that she seemed confident, but that her map leadership became "the first issue" of the tribe. I guess they weren't all crazy about following that bird. Tom complains that if he's going to be carrying a "damned thing," he'd better be going in the right direction. That's reasonable. Don't get used to it. The tribes also each have two stretchers on which to carry all their stuff. Each team is having difficulties with two people holding either end of the loaded stretcher. Again, neither tribe bothers to try adding a third or fourth person to help carry it. Tom tells us that he lives on a farm, and that if one animal "jumps in a hole, the rest of 'em follow." My job as a recapper just got about seven thousand times harder, as I try to understand Tom through his accent. Big Bird has a couple of things strapped across her shoulders, but her hands are free. Clarence doesn't have a six-pack; he's got a twelve-pack. Silas and Ethan drop their stretcher. This will be the first of many times throughout this episode we'll see Ethan drop something or trip over something. Later this season, he'll drop something and then trip over it. In a confessional, Big Bird tells us that, as a mail carrier, she walks at a much faster pace than the others do. She's irritated that she has to wait for them. Lex is having some trouble carrying his end of the stretcher because the cornmeal is in his face. He's holding up his end with his arms, not on his shoulders. Ouch. We see a shot of a bird of prey flying with something -- still struggling -- in its clutches.

The Samburu tribe marches along in a straight line. They drop a stretcher. Brandon and Silas agree to put it on their shoulders, but then Brandon discovers that his shoulders aren't wide enough. Hee. Incidentally, they appear to be carrying a small tree on the stretcher. Frank moves the tribe along; he complains to us in a confessional that the others were moving too slowly. We then see Kim P. yell and ask Brandon what his luxury item is. He says he brought Chapstick, and she flips out in disbelief and then concludes that "[he] rock[s]!" Frank continues in his confessional that the members of his tribe are talking about what they're buying at J.C. Penney, cute boys, and problems at home. J.C. Penney? We next watch Frank's reaction as Lindsey announces that she just got her period and screams, "No wonder I have cramps!" Frank tells us that they're in Africa, not down at the mall with a latte. But barely. Brandon tells us in a confessional that Frank is a "big, strong ex-army guy." He says Frank went ahead of the group and then was irritated to have to wait for them. Brandon tells us that Frank kept telling them, "Socialize later. We can laugh around the campfire later." Frankly (hee -- Frankly), I don't anticipate seeing Frank laughing anywhere. Brandon continues by saying that they're not all like Frank, and tells us that Frank lacks compassion. Lindsey, meanwhile, lacks gear to carry: she is carrying a walking stick, two smallish jugs of water, and what appears to be a straw beach bag. She complains that it's heavy.

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