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The Bean Scene

Samburu arrives at their water hole, and Lindsey complains that the water is "so sick" and is "just covered in crap." It really does look so sick and it really is just covered in crap. They all look dismayed. Kim P. says it's not deep, and that all you get is "water mixed with crud." Kim P. reminds me of someone, but I can't figure out whom. It's not someone I like. She continues ranting: "Pond scum. Little water hole." Back at camp, the tribe attempts to make fire. Frank tells us it's not about the warmth or the security, but about the water. Teresa is not only sweet-faced, she's sweet-voiced, too. I bet she's sneaky. She tells us they thought they'd get the fire started sooner, and it was a big frustration. I have no idea how, after watching this show for two seasons, these competitors have signed on not making sure to know how to make a fire. Mark Burnett probably hand-dipped each and every piece of timber and shrubbery in all of Africa in some flame-retardant liquid. While they huddle around trying, Frank mumbles something about having spent "nine months of softness in [his] mother's womb." Brandon looks disgusted; I look confused. The sun goes down, and still the tribe has no fire. We're supposed to think a lion is walking by their camp.

At Boran, it's the second day, and they haven't had fire all night, either. Jessie tells us in a confessional that no one could ever know, unless put in that situation, how much water a body needs. Then she pukes. She doesn't puke in the confessional, but we see her somewhere off puking. Meanwhile Tom and Ethan are digging a "Boran water hole." Tom sings while they do this; I don't recognize the tune. Digging a hole like this is apparently a very good idea. I have no survival skills whatsoever, so I wouldn't know. Kelly hovers nearby and hurries them along, because their location isn't secure. Tom does a pretty good imitation of an elephant by bending at the waist and using his arm to imitate its trunk throwing off water. Tom does a pretty good imitation of an elephant just standing there. Lex tells us in a confessional that they'll end up with "amoebic dysentery" if they don't boil the water, "which basically has you puking and crapping your guts out." Various fire-starting attempts ensue. Lex and Ethan compare blisters. Tom appears to have made a good fire-making contraption, but it's not working. Big Bird's off by herself reciting the alphabet and looking smug. Ethan appears to be praying. Someone says, "It's not like we're gonna die or something." This is totally reverse-psychology foreshadowing. That's what they say in a movie before someone dies so we're supposed to think someone will die here. Mark Burnett: he's one tricky bastard.

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