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The Bean Scene

Samburu is still trying to make a fire on Day 2, as well. Linda wants Lindsey's attention because "it's [her] birthday, baby!" She's located some tampons in their medical supply kit. In a confessional, Lindsey tells us that "Kim and someone" made this discovery. She then tells us that the supply kit also had a telescope in it to watch for animals. She mimes the watching part. Kim P. proudly tells us in a confessional, "I don't know a lot about telescopes, but I know that a magnifying glass can start a fire." She says this like she invented fire. Silas uses the magnifying glass, and when the fire he's working on fails to catch, he calls it "dumb." Kim consoles him as he works and instructs him to "nurse it, nurse it" as he encourages the fire to catch. As he blows into the burgeoning fire, either Lindsey or Kim stupidly says, "Do not. Pass out." They talk in hushed voices as if speaking loudly might disturb the fire's concentration. Frank and Teresa are working elsewhere on starting another fire, but Silas trumps them with the magnifying-glass advantage. Frank gets in on securing the fire once Silas has it going. The whole tribe celebrates together, and then Carl shows up out of nowhere and joins them.

Boran, meanwhile, hasn't discovered their magnifying lens yet. I bet they felt pretty stupid when they watched the episode. The tribe hasn't had water today, or for the majority of the day before. They decide to open up one of the food cans and Kelly tells us that otherwise they'd "have no moisture." Except, perhaps, for the tube of Astroglide in the medical supplies kit. Boran decides to open up a can of cherries, which seems like an odd provision. Then again, cherries are often presented sexually, so maybe the producers are trying to start something up. Ethan tells us they will each "take a cherry, pass it on." They're all obsessed with standing in a circle while doing so. A square formation, I think, would work the same way. As would a diamond or a rectangle. Even a figure eight could result in a successful distribution of cherries. It sounds as thought this tribe at least made the good decision of bringing along all their canned goods. And later, they can use the empty cans as cups to drink all that water they brought along. Ethan tells us in a confessional that he saw Clarence take two cherries in a row. For once, a cameraman is around to catch it. Clarence doesn't look particularly furtive while doing so; I'm thinking at this point he isn't aware of the one-cherry rule. Ethan continues going on about the cherries. The camera then closes up on a shot of Clarence lasciviously licking his fingers in slow motion.

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