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Back at Samburu, Lindsey and Teresa go fetch the clue, which is held by some sort of small idol. Teresa says, "This is great! I oughta take this home with me!" If she continues to be Gretchen-esque, I'll be pleased. Now, about these clues: seriously, I have no idea why the Survivor people haven't called me yet to help them out with these things. Because they are so very bad. The clue is full of clichés about being "left in the dust" and "blaz[ing] a trail." Then there's the particularly inspired "oh, the dreaded first challenge!" part.

Both tribes arrive at the challenge and are welcomed by Just Peachy. For some reason, this makes Kelly cheer. I suspect a lot of things make Kelly cheer. Boran says they're "almost there" with regard to their fire. Samburu then says they already have fire, which pisses off Boran. Peachy passes around the immunity idol and they all ham it up as they grab for it. I'm not sure, but I think Lex tries to eat it.

Peachy explains the challenge: each team has a cart to wheel and three fire towers to light -- across a bridge, up a mountain (one tribe member will do the climbing), and down on the beach. The winning team not only gets immunity, but also gets fire and the cart. That's a pretty loaded prize. Peachy starts them off, and maybe the lions aren't much of a threat out here, but watch out for those wacky and unpredictable moving bushes. Kim P. on Samburu takes the first digger. They're all working very hard and the crates appear extremely rickety and unwieldy. I can't figure out why Samburu put their women up in front of the cart -- it seems like the hardest place to be, but then maybe the men are making up for the fact that the women carried nothing on the trek to camp. I think I see Ethan say "Fuck!" when the cart gets stuck. The tribes end up actually lifting their carts up over difficult rocky terrain. At one point, the path is so narrow that both teams can't fit at once. Boran reaches the spot first, so Samburu is forced to follow them. Boran should have taken their sweet time and rested up here while Samburu continued to waste their energy trying to get around the other cart. Clarence runs up the mountain for Boran and Silas goes up for Samburu. It's steep enough that they need a rope to get back down. Incidentally, this whole challenge looks pretty cool on rewind. Boran is ahead, and Ethan is suddenly ejected from his position at the front of Boran's cart as he awkwardly springs forward, then finally bites it. He gets some good air in the process. As soon as he gets up, he falls again almost immediately, this time nearly getting caught under the cart. Someone -- I think Kelly -- yells, "Don't pass us!" as Samburu catches up with Boran. I don't think her "manipulating men" abilities will work in this situation. Lex for Boran and Silas for Samburu light the last towers. Diane collapses -- and it wouldn't surprise me if she thought that was the end of the challenge; we did -- but then they have to continue onward. Honestly, I found this contest hard to follow. As the tribes head toward the finish line, Samburu is in the lead and Boran lamely gives up. Diane does a second interpretation of a tumbleweed and sprawls on the ground, sick and exhausted. At first, I think she's faking it, but as Clarence and Ethan help her, I notice that she's really pale. Then again, anyone might look really pale next to that fluorescent bush she calls hair. Peachy tells the dejected Boran that they will have an "unfortunate appointment" with him the next night. He says they'll finally get fire, but that it will cost them a teammate. Samburu celebrates, and Kim P. somehow ends up straddling Carl. He must have stepped into Silas's path.

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