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Ray Ray

After the break, Van and Ray are still pointing their guns at each other. Actually, instead of pointing their guns at each other's bodies, they're pointing their guns at each other's guns, like what are they going to do, shoot each other in the gun? I can just see Van being wheeled into the ER: "We've got a GSW to the gun. Wait. The hell?" Van and Ray threaten each other a bit until Deaq steps in between them. Deaq tells Ray that he knows fathers hate to hear this, but Ray's son is right. Ray gives up his gun. Deaq takes it and hands it to Van, saying, "Here's your daddy's gun." I don't even want to think of the Freudian implications there. Especially since Van then tucks the gun into his pants.

Ray takes the boys to his moneymaking factory. He walks around uncovering equipment and says that he hopes it still works. Deaq asks how much money Ray put on the streets, and Ray says that he had good years and bad. Van wanders over to a bulletin board and finds a picture of himself as a child with his father and a cartoonish-looking $10,000 bill that Van must have drawn as a kid. Van says he's going to head over to Little Mick's and tell him that they lost another counterfeiter. Deaq wants to be the one to go. Van and Deaq argue a little over who should go. Deaq wins, and tells Ray not to start any trouble. Van asks if this is Deaq's idea of being subtle. Deaq tells Van to be nice to his dad in a demonstration of subtlety that was not at all subtle and I don't think the writers understand what the word "subtle" means.

Deaq tells Little Mick about the shootout at Fowler's house, but acts as if they came in after it was all over. Deaq reads a note they found to Little Mick from Ray. Little Mick is now wearing a red and black splattered shirt and pleated black pants, the likes of which I haven't seen since Chess King went out of business. Little Mick tells Deaq that Ray and Iggy were partners. Little Mick throws a little fit because he needs the money for the Colombians in four days, and once again, he's without a counterfeiter. Little Mick orders Deaq to go and find Ray.

Van and Ray go through some old boxes at Ray's office. Ray hands Van a bill; Van checks it out and finds a flaw, and then hands it back. Ray says that there's a run of hundred-dollar bills that aren't bad. Van pulls out a jar of coins and says that he forgot all about them. Ray says he was the only counterfeiter in the world that bothered with coins. Van remembers that Ray gave him a bunch to test, and his mom got mad. Ray remembers getting a bunch of coins thrown at his head by his wife. Van says that he was never more popular than the summer he had a trunkful of coins. I think he would have been more popular if he had a trunkful of hundred-dollar bills, but maybe that's just me. Of course, the first time I saw this scene, I thought Van was talking about a car trunk full of coins, and I was wondering why he was happy with coins instead of bills if he was old enough to drive, and then I realized that he probably meant like a steamer trunk, and then I realized that I just put way too much thought into a show that doesn't exactly reward intellectual pursuit. Ray asks why Van stopped taking the coins, because Ray made them for him. Van doesn't know, and then says that he had enough lies to keep straight, like where his father worked and why he was gone all the time. Ray says that Van's mom wanted things a certain way. Van gives up on the conversation. Ray hands him a bill to check. Van looks at it and tries to find a flaw, but can't. Ray says that McNair made the bills nine years ago, and he still has the plates. All they have to do is change the serial numbers, and they can sell Little Mick money that McNair made. Ray says that McNair's eyes were shot and he should have retired. Ray offered to set him up with a surf shop. Ray adds, "He always thought a lot of you, Donny." Van says emotionally that he always thought a lot of McNair, but McNair never called him "Donny."

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