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Ray Ray

Deaq, Van, and Ray drive to a meeting with Little Mick at a strip club. On the way, Van tells Ray that he has to kiss Little Mick's ass, be apologetic about Fowler, and be forgiving about McNair. Van says that the most important thing is that he and Deaq work for Little Mick, and Ray has to act like he doesn't know them. Ray tells them to lighten up, because he's a pro.

Little Mick sits at a table for one and castigates his goons (including Van and Deaq) for not being able to find a new counterfeiter. Little Mick vows that if he finds out one exists that they couldn't find, he'll kill one of his goons to set an example. Ray Ray walks in. Robert Forster is seriously the coolest. He approaches Little Mick and shakes hands. Ray reveals how much he knows about Little Mick's desperate situation and then pulls a knife off the table and stabs it into Little Mick's groin. I'm not sure exactly what's going on there. There's no blood, so I assume Ray didn't make contact, but I assume he's close enough that Little Mick is scared. All of Little Mick's goons pull out their guns, Van and Deaq doing so about a minute after everyone else. At Ray's request, Little Mick orders his goons to stand down. Ray wants Little Mick to beg for his forgiveness, and after a few more thrusts of the knife, gets his way. Ray says that Little Mick will pay him $500,000, plus the $250,000 that he owed McNair. Ray removes the knife and says he's going to walk out of there slow and safe. As he stands to leave, Ray adds that "these two pretty boys" work for him. Little Mick stands up and flips his table over, then pulls out a gun. Before he can shoot at Ray, Van shoots the gun out of Little Mick's hand. Deaq suddenly has two guns, and again, I'm not going to think of the Freudian implications there. Ray leans in towards Little Mick and says, "Welcome to my game, junior." Ray pulls out some bills and tucks them into Little Mick's pocket, explaining that they are a sample of his work. Deaqon orders Little Mick's goons to put their guns down.

Van pulls the car into a parking lot and gets out, slamming the door. You can tell by the way he's walking that we're about to see a patented Facinelli Fit. And the owner of that patent is, of course, Tom Cruise. Van orders Ray out of the car, and Ray grouchily complies. Deaq also gets out. Van starts yelling that he's an idiot for thinking that Ray would do anything but work his own angle. Van says that Ray's stunt got them "nothing, zero, nothing!" Deaq agrees that they got nothing. What I want to know is, how much do they have? Something? Oh, nothing. Ray says that they got respect. Van points out that Ray got respect, and that it had nothing to do with the case. Ray disagrees. Van reminds Ray that he's a cop. Ray reminds Van that he got McNair killed. Father and son are toe-to-toe, and Van says, "Let's go." Van takes his coat off as Ray asks if Van is serious. The two men prepare to fight. Ray talks about how he never laid a hand on Van when he was a kid, because Van was too soft and a sharp look could make him cry. Before Ray can give out any more details, Van punches him in the face. Deaq laughs. Ray pretends like he's bent over in pain, and Van walks over to apologize. So Ray decks Van in the face. Deaq can't believe that Van fell for that. Deaq tells the men that he wants a clean fight. A few more punches are exchanged with total Batman sound effects that practically say "Biff!" and "Bam!"

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