Ray Ray

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Ray Ray

Little Mick fondles the driver and talks creepily about great it feels to hit something as hard as you can. Back at the rooftop, the goon says that the deal is done. Van asks where Little Mick is. The goon says it doesn't matter because the money is there. Deaq and Van both draw their weapons. Van pistol-whips Goon #2. Cool! You hardly ever see a good pistol-whipping nowadays. Van asks again where Little Mick is. The goon won't answer, so Van shoots at his feet. This happens a few more times until the goon is backed up to the edge of the roof. The goon finally says that Little Mick is with "the old guy, the counterfeiter." Van still nearly pushes the goon off the roof, but Deaq saves him.

Little Mick describes to Ray how Wags's head nearly exploded when he beat him with the golf club. Little Mick thinks he can do better. He swings and hits Ray in the midsection, but you could totally see the actor pulling the punch at the last second. Billie and her squad start tracking the money (which we know that Van and Deaq still have) and are surprised to learn that the money is on the road and moving already. Van and Deaq speed to Ray's shop. Little Mick is still taunting and beating Ray. Van? Still driving. Ray? Still not giving in to Little Mick at all. Little Mick? Still chewing the scenery.

Van and Deaq show up at the last minute and keep Little Mick from killing Ray. Billie has figured the whole thing out by now and heads to Ray's shop. Van uncuffs his father and hands him a gun. Little Mick asks if the money is still there, and Van and Deaq confirm that it is. Little Mick wants to go ahead with the deal, then. Van dumps the counterfeit money into a shredder. Little Mick realizes that he's in big trouble with the Colombians and freaks out. They let him go. As he tears out of there, Deaq advises him to go to Canada.

Van, Ray, and Deaq walk out of Ray's shop. Van takes his gun back. Billie pulls up and asks what the hell happened. Van says that the deal didn't take, and points out which direction Little Mick went. Deaq adds that they might be able to make a Colombian murder case.

Later, at the Candy Store, Deaq asks if they ever found Little Mick. Billie says they found his foot, still in his shoe, and that was it. Later, they found three Colombian nationals covered in Little Mick's DNA, trying to cross the border into Canada. Deaq makes a dumb Canada joke that I won't repeat here out of respect for my boss. ["Thanks, eh. Oh my god, sorry. I'm worse than this crappy show's crappy writers." -- Wing Chun]

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