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Lana is driving toward the bridge again. She's getting a phone call from Lex. She ignores it. Lex's car is in pursuit.

Commercials. Lay's potato chips want you to get your smile on. Unfortunately, by the time you're done with the bag, you won't be able to get your pants on.

Talon. Lois is being taken out on a stretcher by paramedics. She jokes that she doesn't need an audience, and urges everyone to get back to the party. Clark, walking along the stretcher, advises her to get examined. Lois asks, hilariously (in Bizarro World, world, world!!!), why she has to get hauled off to "HMO Land" just because she committed "a party foul." It's not even that I dislike her, it's that I think she has no sense, no personality, no purpose, no ambition. She's like Lana used to be, plus two parts obnoxiousness. Should I stop there?! That's our Lois Lane. Pathetic, right? Clark smiles as Lois is hauled off, reveling in his smooth time-altering moves. Until Chloe comes up to him and says she lost track of Lana. WHAT?! Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. I think Chloe has the best of intentions, but maybe there's a teeny, tiny, itty-bitty part of her that wanted to lose track of Lana. I wonder if Chloe messed with Lana's brakes, too. Clark looks at his watch. It's 11:01. Dude, GO!

On the road. Lex is speeding up next to Lana's SUV again. Lex says he's sorry and asks if they can talk about this. I still think it's funny that he's trying to have a conversation with Lana through her closed driver's-side window.

A rowdy school bus. The driver is trying to maintain order, but people are being all Animal House up in there. The bus driver is distracted. Dramatic music plays. Clark superzips down the road. He grabs the bus by the back bumper and pulls. Lex tells Lana to "watch out!" Swerving, braking. Clark drags on the bus as Lana's SUV sails in front of it. The bus stops. The SUV stops. Clark stops. Clark ducks out of the way so as not to be seen. The bus driver breathes a sigh of relief, then just takes off again to go run into someone else. Lana gets out of her SUV. Lex gets out of his car and almost gets run over himself by a passing truck and trailer. Lana walks in a daze. Lex hugs her. Clark, disgusted, zips out before he can hear Lex apologize for what happened back at the mansion. Lana tells Lex that they should just forget it ever happened. Lex has his hand on Lana's arm as Bo drives by in his blue truck. He gives them a long leer as he passes in slow motion. Lana isn't thrilled about that. Lex says he's sorry again. Lana says it's all right, and walks back to her SUV.

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